Vegan Blood Kills Cancer

Coming up: “How Vegan Blood Destroys Cancer,” “How Powerful Blood Can Be,” and, “How Old, Rich, White People are Going to Start Farming Young Vegans for Their Blood.” It’s vegan. Cheers. Now, normally we don’t really think that someone’s blood is going to be better than another person’s blood. Your blood might be better than my blood, but what happens when you take vegan blood, and you pour it on cancer cells in a petri dish is pretty remarkable. When you look at prostate cancer, for example, the most common cancer in men, you’ll find that vegan blood kills 13 times as much cancer as normal blood. (As average blood). When you look at breast cancer, which is the most common cancer for women, you find that it can actually slow the growth of that cancer by about 8 times. To emphasize how ridiculously fast acting and easy this is, they took women and put them on a whole-food-plant-based diet, or vegan diet, for just two weeks, and here’s what their blood did to breast cancer: The top row here is literally pictures of cancer getting blasted, they’re dying.

The bottom row is essentially hot spots of cancer getting killed. These are three different strains of breast cancer, with the black bars representing the starting points of how many cells were dying, and then 2 weeks later out on a vegan diet, the stripped bars are showing how many more cells were killed. To look a little bit deeper into just how powerful blood can be, let’s look at some research that some Harvard people did. They found that if you take blood from a mouse that’s equivalent to a 20 year old human, and you put it into a mouse that is to the equivalent to a 7 year old human, you get a ton of crazy effects.

For example, if you put them on a treadmill, the older one becomes as fast as the younger one. Other researchers have found that if you give older mice younger mice blood, they also improve cognitive function, brain plasticity, their heart becomes younger, their muscles recover faster, their blood vessels recover faster. Basically, they become young again. So in looking at what actually causes these cancers, there are a ton of different cancers, and a ton of different mechanisms, and that different animal products house different cancers, things like that. I’ll get into that in the future. But right now, I’ll just explain breast cancer. Breast cancer is undisputably largely created by estrogen, excess estrogen, and just imbalance. So if you’re looking at dairy, for example, they way we treat our cows now, the cows are pregnant for 10 months out of the year.

When they’re pregnant, their levels of estrogen are, like, 10 times higher than normal. And so, the estrogen levels of our cows, for example, are 10 times higher than that of like a Mongolian cow, which are only pregnant for 5 or 6 months out of the year. So that’s huge, and because of that, we have 150 times more estrogen in milk than we do in just, like, ambient water. Then, looking at meat, beef is basically injected with estrogen as a steroid to increase growth. It increases growth by 10 to 30 percent. And this is in 97 percent of beef, as of 1999. So people think they’re eating super humane, but chances are they’re getting this stuff.

Just to back that up with a study, a Harvard medical school did a study of 90,000 women for 12 years. And found that, women that ate red meat were twice as likely to get breast cancer. So that’s a huge, real-world study that they did. So what’s the takeaway from this? We can either give people that aren’t vegan vegan blood somehow, and make them cure their disease. And we got alot of people in prison.

We can just feed them vegan food and then create a blood farm that we then sell the blood to people that are sick. (They eat really badly). And then they can cure their cancer. Or, there’s an easier way. If you just eat a whole food, plant based, vegan diet, then your blood is going to do what this blood does..