How To Come Up With Blog Post Ideas

HOW TO COME UP WITH YOUR BLOG POST IDEAS Hey guys welcome to week four of six weeks online profits, last week you created your websites and this week you will be filling up that website with content that you�re going to be writing yourself most likely. So the first thing you want to do is keyword research and I know we have already done some keyword research using the keyword tool Jaaxy but we are also going to use Jaaxy again in researching possibilities for doing different types of blog posts, so let me hop on to Jaaxy and see if I can show you what I’m talking about. This is Jaaxy and what I did was I put in the words all-inclusive because I want to find different ideas of blog posts I can write for anything that has to do with all-inclusive, the one section that I really love on Jaaxy is called the Alphabet Soup and when you click on it, click on it and you put in all-inclusive for your keyword, find keywords, what it will do is that it will take your word, your keyword all-inclusive and it will add anything that starts with a after it and what people are actually searching for, so for example adults only all-inclusive, so it start with an A, adults only all-inclusive, if you go to B section it�ll be the best all-inclusive results in the Riviera, so I already just have two blog posts I can write just by taking a look at some of these ideas, all-inclusive Cancun resorts I can write a post all about Cancun resorts that are all-inclusive, so there are tons of post ideas here that you can use by using Jaaxy so I definitely suggest sticking with the Jaaxy, I put a link down below, so there you go on that, what you can also do is have a look at forums that has to do with what you�re trying to write about, so let�s say you are trying to write about food blogging or creating recipes you know you can go to different forums about cooking or forums for foodies and things like that and take a look at what people are asking on the forums and then you can basically see what the popular posts are and you know that you can create a posts around some of those forum questions that are being asked, don�t copy the forum but just hope how to help you come up with ideas.

The other think you can do is look at industry magazines that if you are on what you�re trying to research has magazines about it like travel, like seems I’m going to be doing this on each side on travel I will definitely looking up some industry magazines there, also one thing I do is I go to Amazon, I don’t go to the book store, you can try going to the book store but if you�re just looking through books and trying to get ideas, I don�t know it might not look very good to staffs so what I do is I go to and there is a speech on Amazon where it says look inside the book and what I do is I look inside a book that has to do with travelers and something like that and it will have a table of contents and it will have different ideas for you that you can use for your blog post, so it�ll help you to come up with ideas, you know don�t copy the book, it will help you come up with brainstorming ideas and the other thing you can do is look at YouTube and Google plus hangouts where people are asking questions and of course other blogs, don’t copy other blogs, please don�t copy other blogs, but look at the comment section and see what people are asking in the comment section, that is also good place to find blog post ideas.

Another really cool tool is called Google alerts which is actually free and I am going to hop on really quick right now and show you what I�m talking about, but it�s really easy to set up, okay so I’ve already clicked on all-inclusive and you go to\alerts and I put in all-inclusive and all you is you hit create alerts and it�ll email you every time somebody comes up with something, or somebody post like a blog posts or an article having to do with all-inclusive are about your keyword, so it�s really easy to set up and I definitely suggest you use that, it�s always nice to get something in your email box saying that your post is being created to kind of give you some ideas, it�s a really cool tool. Once you are done with your research, you want to write the contents and a couple suggestions here when you�re writing the content, you want to be as thorough as you possibly can, you know a lot of people say oh you can write 300 word blog post or you can write five hundred word blog post but really Google prefers it when you write longer articles and you will rank better if you write longer articles so I suggest that you write at least a thousand word article.

Also try to link out to other people�s blog post to Wikipedia, Google also likes it when you link out to other sources, make sure you use pictures and also make sure that you break up your content by using subheadings it just makes it easier to read, the people what they see is they block the text, it immediately gets involved and just probably will go on to something else, so break it up using subheadings and I just want to caution you just don�t monetize your posts yet, we are going to do that in another week or two, but I want to make sure that you�re getting traffic before you monetize, there�s no point monetizing if you are not getting traffic yet.

And the next thing you want to do is share your post that you just written, I know you just started your blog, you probably don�t have any followers or not that many followers, so you want to share it on sites like or you can share it via your social media like on Twitter, on Facebook, on Pin rest and you can definitely share it on Google plus, I know Google likes it when you share it on Google plus because you know they own it, so even though there�s not as many people you know on Google plus, it is always a good idea to share your work there in terms of helping you to rank higher in the search engines and I just keep doing keyword research you want to come up with at least 10 post ideas as you start now so that you can continue to write and not get stuck trying to think of ideas to write about, also try to have a schedule, you know create a schedule for yourself if you�re going to write three times a week you know every Monday, Wednesday, Friday for the next four weeks, just have an idea what you�re going to write those days and you know just keep at it, keep creating content, write at least me once a week on to your blog and it will probably take about three months for Google to start really ranking you in the search engines, but for now you know just keep at it okay.

Alright guys, that�s a wrap, I appreciate you watching this video and I will be posting the next video and the series pretty soon okay, thanks guys..