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What’s going on guys my name is Anthony Villa welcome you back to another video or today I’m gonna be showing you guys how to buy solo ads on udemy and even more I’m gonna be showing you guys how to find the best sellers on there so when you do buy you get the most for your money now if you guys don’t have an account yet on udemy the first link in the description will be a sign up link 100% transparency guys it will be my affiliate link so if you do decide to use it I would appreciate it a lot if you don’t no hard feelings but if you do use my link you’ve got a $5 off gift code that you can use to purchase solo ads so with that out of the way if you guys are new here please subscribe to the channel and join my facebook group just for affiliate marketing links to that in the description as well with all that being said let’s live Shane it’s my computer now to start this video off alright so I said guys we’re now in my computer this is pretty much the deme home screen and I’ll come to most time I’m you’re looking to buy so lads when I we’re on the find sellers tab and as you guys can see they’re a bunch of filters up here you guys can use to filter out three different sellers to find one that you really want to go with so I’m gonna go through and explain them all individually first and then we’re gonna use them to kind of find I saw that I would actually purchase from so first thing we’re gonna do is when do you wish to start the solo so today is the 18th for example if you wanted a solo to off and two days on the 20th that’s 48 hours you choose that now I usually have a son like on five to seven days I usually buy my solo ads like 2 to 4 days in advance normally depends on how popular the seller is how foreign to me it’s actually buy it now this is gonna be next one’s gonna be the minimum quantity of clicks or traffic you want to send you want to buy from the seller iron you sector 100 visitors that’s like very good test number just if you’re buying from a new seller you don’t want to go and buy a thousand visitors immediately cuz you know if it’s good traffic or not so I use ik to a hundred just to test you asking and then I’ll actually scale up to 200 300 if that’s a good seller but I almost always start with the hundred so I leave that alone and then how much you want how much you want to pay there’s gonna be you sue me per click guys so the first thing is gonna be 35 cents per click that’s the very lowest number you can get and then the highest I mean 95 cents per click I usually leave it at 35 cents and then I put the the max number to about 60 cents I put I’m comfortable really maxing out pain I don’t want to pay anything more anything more than 60 per click because again then that might not convert to an email address and I go a short sale that’s really just for the click so six cents is really one gonna max out our next thing is where the sellers online or not you knowing Ellen’s you need shorts them right now it doesn’t matter if they’re online or not and then this one’s gonna be this one with the dollar sign and the percentage is gonna see how many sellers have generated a sale further customers on their last thirty solos so for example if am ever so it has a ten percent rating here that means on their last thirty solos about three people actually made sales from their traffic so I usually like to keep that number about thirty only about forty percent that’s I want I want to buy from somebody that’s and above 40 percent sell rating or sale percentage which isn’t that bad you guys can see there are 23 sellers where our forty percent and up so you guys can find people who have a high percent pretty easily next thing with the thumbs up is gonna be the minimum of ratings amount of positive ratings that a seller has allowed us to understate you can review rate it you can review sellers after every order so I usually keep that above ten rating without me extremely popular seller all-time but I want to make sure that we’re I’m buying from isn’t a complete complete beginner to the site I would like to have a little bit of experience on the site and then that leads to I put ten plus just have a little bit of experience this little search bar now actually explained really fast udemy is about try 75 80 percent marketing business make money online opportunity email list so most of the sellers are gonna be selling traffic like that people that are interested in making money online online business marketing so I usually just leave it as I usually think a blank where you can choose marketing I’ve never used it for really anything else I was just choose marketing all right so we have 23 sellers to be excluded so we’re gonna click on a seller that I might I might buy from so these two top ones are two promoted sellers so they paid to be at the top of the search results here which is fine that doesn’t mean that bad sellers it can be great sellers we’re just advertising their services all their mourn everybody else but we’re actually in the shoe will pick a random seller will choose her and then so this is gonna be her profile page how did you even see her name where she’s from how many people let me views last couple days and when she was online four hours ago so this number is these two numbers are really great important to 30% sales so I said on the last 30 on the last 30 or and 50% sales which is pretty high that’s a great number it’s very healthy number and ratings 165 just 2 1 of course sounds great and now this reaction is make the order so I’m gonna choose what they want to do it on let’s just choose December 20th and like I said guys doing it you guys can go up to a max of a thousand visitors that’s gonna get very very pricey so I stick to just one hundred or not one hundred wait they are just some one hundred better and then this guys in the base fields here is always checked it’s pretty much just so that you know when you actually filter out junk traffic useless traffic and duplicate traffic you can have a prime filter which would cost you more sense this is an advanced udemy filter to filter out even more junk traffic I don’t usually use it you can if you want next one only top-tier which means that it only from the traffic will only come from the US UK Canada Australia New Zealand and Singapore so only the top-tier countries so you’ve been which is buying top tier traffic guaranteed but that’s not a question into ten cents per visitor so I don’t I don’t check that next thing only mobile pretty self-explanatory only mobile traffic I don’t personally care to only use mobile traffic especially not for ten more cents per visitor so use mobile if you want if not we’re gonna unchecked and then no mobile obviously the opposite of mobile one for people who are only on desktop again I don’t use that so I live link and what you guys gonna see them here and send us the link hold I have add text and then you just see the the subject line in the actual email that I once sent out when I when I placed an order this is the email that the seller is gonna send to their list so I recommend or pretty much always using and only doing it with your with your own ass wipe if you don’t have your own ad swipe you can just send them the link to your landing page they’ll pretty much write the email themselves and insert your link into it instead traffic that way I don’t way like that I like to kind of frame my emails a little better so that when people come to my landing page they’re already kind of pre framed I kind of know what they’re getting then I’m just show up to the end page and was like oh this make these aren’t congruent at all so I like to run my own emails pretty much always have your own a swipe if you can and definitely run that the next thing we look down the Supreme works there the the stats for this person’s list so on this person’s left was traffic they send they generate 89% of it some top-tier countries the top three countries like I explained before US UK Canada the the top tier for traffic which is always the way you want the higher the number the better I like to have a minimum of 80 percent top tier countries when I buy if not 99 is optimal but 80 percent up is still very very good the next thing is I’m a 38% filter clicks pretty much saying that udemy has filtered 33% of their clicks to be junk traffic useless or duplicate traffic so they it’s been filtered out you don’t pay for those by the way the fold of traffic you don’t pay for you that you have me filters out for free and you not costing your thing and the next thing 13k verified list udemy can also verify how many how many people are on a seller’s list if they if they choose to person at 13,000 that’s a pretty subtle number of course a lot of people and then over here you guys see the little flags so that means yeah any one person this person is traffic it clicks I come from the US 3% Canada 2% UK 2% of show your troops in India and then 10% all the rest which means any other outside countries that aren’t those and then last thing so I ratings so 162 positive ratings to one negative rating very good of course and then down here guys you have some more soul out ratings of the seller it’s obviously 162 good ratings on one negative one pretty soft very sheer of course these are really going to be some reviews some ratings you’ll see those you can read through the list make sure you’re getting a good sell it and then I would always read through a few those to make sure the sellers been doing good recently and after that if you’re ready to buy oh just click Add to Cart and a little pretty much bring you to record and start the checkout process I’m not gonna do that now because then you guys might see my credit card information and I’m not okay with that some action Add to Cart but if you guys aren’t purchase too much you guys want to purchase from the seller hit Add to Cart and we’ll bring you to the checkout process we’re just pretty self-explanatory no guys I’m gonna show you one more thing we’ve seen these solo deals us which is um pretty much just deals on sole ads again self-explanatory blow my short you guys sellers can make up a solo ideal and then place it on here just kind of kind of like a forum kind of just a job posting kind of for them when they like if they’re actually having a sale they’re having a one-day sale a one-week sale that’s kind of running anymore they’ll have a discount on their clicks so 42 cents per finger which the same thing you guys can click on it and then look through the profile yes person said 99% off clicks yeah just this little bio it’s pretty much the same exact page but the reviews look a little different this is the reviews this for the silhouette deal that this person created so you guys can look around explore the solo deals and for the fine sellers page you don’t really isn’t a hard platform to use I’ve got some great traffic from them I’ve gotten some I really only had good experiences with you to me I wonder somebody’s here but I’m pretty much only had good experience without obviously this isn’t paid front sponsored by them by name of course and as users cherish pretty often and I bought a lot of clicks back a few more dollars just on slides just from udemy and all the folks have been pretty good all the solo ads have been pretty good around multiple sales from different sellers on the platform so the platform is very very legit I just kind of explore explore a little bit it’s pretty self-explanatory the entire thing after you buy one soul add you pretty much have the entire deck figured out so it doesn’t recommend if you guys are gonna buy soul adds this is probably one of the best places and you can do it 110 percent recommend you to me I use them myself all the time and I can’t I can’t believe I’m or else about it I pretty much showed you guys everything that you’ll need to know to really some Biolabs Mir so that pretty much wraps up this video guys if you guys know the channel please subscribe join my exclusive affiliate marketing mastermind group on Facebook link so that will be in the description and if you guys have any more questions you’re gonna can join my group and post in there you guys can send me an email or as soon as post in the youtube comment section and with all that being said guys hope you enjoyed the video hope you got some value out of it hope you guys learn how to use your dummy a little bit and I’m out guys so I’ll see you in the next video peace

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