[Leadskimmer 2018] How to Turn FREE Leads Into $25-$200 plus Daily

Hey, this is Sharon I’m shooting this quick video because I wanted to share what I plan to do with lead skimmer in 2018 I’ve shot videos about each lead skimmer before and I kind of revamped it so I think people would understand a little bit better So once you click on the look at the bottom of this video. It’s going to go to My lead skimmer page where my buddy and my friend and someone I’ve talked to and have a connection with Business partner Geoff Stephen who is the owner of? Lead skimmer he’s going to share what lead skimmer does in that very first video now You have an opportunity to join for free because this is a free platform that you can actually use for free so There’s no hidden agenda here Yeah, I’m gonna talk to you about upgrading yeah. I’m gonna tell you a little bit about how you can make money from it but You can still use it for free if you so choose right and I’m gonna offer up some free information My free website and all of that So what you’re gonna do is when you click the bottom of this video.

It’s gonna go to this back-office. Now you could follow This but what I’m gonna. Tell you to do is don’t even do anything look out for my email Inside my email or even down below in this description once you join. You can get get connected to my paypal sorry,sorry my paypal is right there. You can get connected to my facebook profile page And which I’m sharing you know some information about me And you can see a little bit about Who I am and like see all my friends and stuff like that Once you do that send me a message and my messenger tell me you’re part of the lead skimmer I’m gonna look for you too, and My email is definitely gonna direct you to this page right here But I want you to add me as a friend because when you add me as a friend I can add you to this group So this group is going is called lead skimmers G NPN mastery, so this is where you’re going to end up Facebook right just welcomed in a new person and I’m gonna be welcoming people on a regular basis right eight minutes ago as you’re watching this video So what I’d like you to do when you get in here is to watch this top is this is gonna Be at the top of the page just watch this video because it’s gonna give you some direction of what to do But I’ll just do it here on this video, too You’re basically gonna go to this file so I’m gonna welcome you in or whoever brings you is gonna welcome you in and I want you to get free access to my free training website so when you click on here It’s gonna go to this page Read all of this and you’re gonna click on here right and when you click on here it might go straight into the website alright, so Mine is already done, but Let me see if I can go in different browser and get it Show you what’s gonna happen okay, so you’re gonna have a membership ship registration right here all you would do is create a username a password confirm the password put your email in your first and last name then you’re gonna click the next button and It’ll end up at the page that you I was on previously It’s going to tell you to move to the next page And then that’s where you’d be able to either get in or log in with what you created here okay, and Then once you’re there.

It’ll open up to my free website now this website is basic membership website and it’s absolutely free Right so that you can know exactly what to do, and I explain anything here So when you go here Go your lead skimmer basics here click on here and You just start your I have a welcome video, and you just start your your basics here When you get down to here, this is going to be an opportunity to make some money there’s Opportunities in here to make money, but of course you have to invest in yourself there’s a small investment of $25 and I listen…don’t As you’re watching this video wherever you watching it on YouTube or whatever I don’t like to pretend that you know ohhh..you’re to make a whole lot of money They don’t have to do any work and hasn’t make any investment.

It’s not it’s just not true You have to make some investment really honestly to make some really good money quickly Even though those who start for free I have other free programs You still have to learn how to do the things that I’m showing you in this website you still have to learn these things because if you don’t know how to Move across the the net with the right tools the right training the right Strategies then it’s not gonna matter. Whether you’re free or not right you’re not gonna ever get it done I’ll show you how to use your domain The mission accomplished once if you decide to upgrade and there’s some free beginner trainer right he training right here You can go and just get some beginner stuff like if you don’t even know how to use your mouse I have anything there how to copy and paste and upload things so And how to set up your first video and how to create a YouTube channel so some basic basic things that you I think Everyone should know is in this website So I’m giving away a lot for free a lot of people don’t give stuff like this detail stuff for free I am doing it of course.

It’s not its basic. So it doesn’t go into the meat and the potatoes If you want to get into that you have to really just invest in yourself So if you think that this you know something that you want to learn how to do and click in the description Box below, and it’s gonna take you to where are my lead skimmer where you can sign up for free And then you’re gonna get be able to get inside this group just click on the my Facebook page add me as a friend Inside the description box if you’re watching this on Facebook Or my emails are gonna give you access to me And then I’ll add you to the group and then you can get access to this page I hope this is really great for you, and this is gonna make it fantastic 2018 see you and see you on the inside

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