[Leadskimmer Review ] Does it Get You More Traffic To Our Website

Hey guys I wanted to shoot a quick video on the power of the profile why people are not doing the profile piece I have no clue but I want you to understand guys the power of the profile I probably put this video at the very top of the members area including in the group because this is important guys as you can see leadskimmer is still working I mean I haven’t really done anything but shared organically and I still got some leads I mean I used the training guys to get these two leads so that’s how easy it is to share it you know in the month of May I got three leads not to the three and it’s just doing the videos I haven’t really shared it so guys this works I’ve been doing it for a long time sees if you look at the right-hand side you can see that I started using this in 2014 right these are my lead lines these three paid so I haven’t really even did it did it I think I sent traffic one time to this platform and got was mostly in 2015 and got a whole bunch of leads so guys this does work and as you can see it’s still working even up to the 25th where the 28th of May and these leads that I got are just because I’m sharing some training so guys if I put some real traffic to this if I really dig into this trust and believe you’re gonna get a lot of people into your lead lines so in your lead skimmer so I want to first say that I want you to share I wanted to share the power of the profile because of some of you and a lot of you have not gotten an autoresponder don’t have tools and that’s ok for now if you want to make it easier and make it more automated then you get the tools if you don’t want to get the tools that’s up to you I just share what works and what makes it easier for you as you grow in this industry and you start to get more and more people you’re gonna need tools to make it easier on your life that’s what tools help you do right all tools in life help you make things easier that’s why we have and their tools online so that will help you make life easier for yourself but even if you don’t have tools you should be at least setting up your profile and this is the reason why I’m talking more strongly on this reason I’m getting frustrated a little bit with people not doing it versus the people that do do it and I want to show you the difference between those who do and those who don’t because they’re setting themselves up for success so in the lead skimmer back office right and so these videos really show you how the difference between lead skimmer for free lead skimmer as a premium right member note about the entry ad that it’s not working as of yet I have talked to Jeff several times about this so hopefully I know he’s working on the global NPM side of things which I explained in the members area he’s upgrading that and I’m sure he’s focusing on that he’s a one-man show hopefully when he’s done with that he will be able to focus on putting the entry ads back in here I told him that you know I’m really gonna focus on getting people in here and using the platform although that’s not there this still works and i’ma show Dave Smith’s as an example of this actually working even better than me because I haven’t really been using it that much lately I’m just starting it up again so we’re gonna go to the stats I’m gonna go to lead stats but I’ve gotten out of these 99 lead lines I didn’t generate these leads I didn’t generate those leads those leads came from organically from my lead lines this is a powerful way to grow if you have a team or you want to work with a team aspect in mind this is a great way to do it because as everyone follows the system listen systems work that’s what the military uses that’s what the Marines use you come in everybody from different backgrounds race creed color it doesn’t matter they go through a system a systematic way to train you and everybody comes out exactly the same ready to work ready to be successful ready to do what they need to do to to protect our country where Memorial Day and that’s what they do right protect our country right so because they got into a system and this is what I’m trying to help you guys to understand I’m trying to create a synergy here where everybody wins right everybody becomes successful and when I say set up your profile set up your profile if your profile on your Facebook isn’t good I have something to set that up well – but you need to do that guys because you want to drive people to your profile so you can connect them and show exactly what you should be doing once somebody becomes once you get one of these emails right once you get one of these email let me show you one of the emails once you get one of these emails right you’re gonna get a woo you have a new lead to follow up with you need to follow up with guys so um so I’m going to show you what people are not doing alright so let me go in here hold on so this is what people are not doing so when you don’t set up your profile this is what happens you just got a lead from somebody they did not follow the system they did not follow the profile they did not do anything they were supposed to do whether you got an email or they should get an email telling them what to do right so they’re not getting this information you’re not following up with them right so this is what happens it goes to my Facebook page which says does does me and no good because I can’t connect or this goes to my Twitter because it did not connect so I’m gonna leave a an email underneath this this training or if you’re a simple email that you can send out if you don’t have an autoresponder and you get one of those woohoo we somebody just signed up so you can send them to the lead skimmer support group right and they did not do Skype when you don’t do this guys when you don’t do this then guess what happened when when you don’t do that there’s there’s no way to socially connect with the person right but let me show you to show you what happens when someone actually does their setup hold on so here’s a person who’s a basic member but did exactly what I told them to do right set up their profile page so this goes to the profile page whatever their profile page is and also what they did would they set up their Twitter so you have a way to connect with that person so if I wanted to connect with Ferris let’s use him as an example I would set him send him a message so we just say hey man I would add him as a friend first of all and send him a message say hey hey this is this is Sharon blah blah blah as you can see I’ve already connected with him a couple of times but um we’ll say hey let me show you hey this is Sharon from lead skimmer right and I would just send that message right click click send I’m not gonna send miss because I don’t need to and once they send that message I would voicemail message him and I’m gonna show you what to do in the voicemail message is powerful guys and you do this every day or I do this with all your needs everybody watching this video does this with all their leads there’s just no way you can lose hold on one second let me show you so what you would do is you would search for the person’s name here in the inbox right once you send them that first message so they’re not frightened or anything cuz some people don’t know that you can send a voicemail so if you could just send your first your first say hey this is whatever Donna whatever your name is from lead skimmer then you can send them a voice message and you could say you have your if you have a webcam or a laptop that has a voice recording on it you just click on the recorder click on this little recorder thing right here and click on the recording and say hey Ferris thank you so much for joining lead skimmer I saw that you just joined woohoo I’m so happy that you’re here hey listen I want to send you to the support group because this is where you’re gonna get really excited watch the top post and on the left hand side click on files but when you do at the very top space there’s access to a free membership where we could get you started and get you to success it has a training or training you need set up your profile it’s really important so that you can build a really great successful business so glad you’re here thanks so much and I’ll see you in the inside something to that effect I’ll leave the language in there it doesn’t really matter guys but make sure that you do send that of course I’m going to cancel this and you clicked on the black button again that red button that was talking click that again and it will send it right or you can do it by your phone phone has a little mic in there too you can do it on your phone so you can do this on the go guys you don’t have to do this you know on your on your laptop you can do this stuff on the go the last thing I’m going to share with you is someone who actually use lead skimmer so the actual results of you setting up your profile page and stuff this is Dave Smith’s back office and I’m gonna blur out the stuff that doesn’t you guys don’t need to see but dave has created lead lines first of all he’s qualified his premium member he generated three sales from this since MIT since he’s been using it he created one hundred and twenty two lead lines sixty four people he got without doing anything guys these are created from this right so this is why it’s powerful guys cuz right here you don’t need to you know your your team can be building your business for you so this is why I’m I’m like saying usually should use this if you have any questions about anything I’ve shared today please do so I hope this training was good for you thanks so much and I hope you get inside my members area get started so that you can be successful take a care I’ll see you soon

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