One Last Dance

♪♪ [classical music] Jane:Forgive me, I had to fetch you at once. Is it true that Wolfgang is to leave for the America in the morning? Eliza: Yes, and I will never see him again. Jane:Yours is a love beyond compare. This cannot be. Eliza: I do not predict I shall ever again love so deeply but it is done. He may have left already. I expect no goodbye.

Wolfgang: Eliza. Eliza:Wolfgang! What are you doing here? Wolfgang: I had to see you again. Eliza: Is abandonment not cruel enough? You force me to see you again, when you know I cannot and shall not ever have you? Just go! Wolfgang: Wait! One last dance. One last dance. [romantic classical music] [romantic classical music] [hiss] Eliza: Don’t leave me, my love! Wolfgang: I must, but we will always have this dance. Jane: What the blooming beast of burden was that? Eliza: That was love, Jane. That’s what love looks like.

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