Multi Radiance Medical Super Pulsed Laser Technology Explained

What is light? Light is a biological necessity; an essential component for life on Earth. Scientific discoveries have revealed that particular wavelengths of light are uniquely beneficial for many health-related purposes, from the high-level ophthalmic and medical surgical lasers to the low-level therapeutic devices. Maximizing light energy to relieve certain health-related disorders has been the subject of research from NASA to the European and Russian space programs for many years. And those studies have revealed and improved this technology to what it is today. Now, with over 5,000 clinical research studies verifying the use of therapeutic light, it is clear that light has a very powerful influence on the body. Energy that can stimulate many biological processes while also having the ability to inhibit many biological processes: this is photobiomodulation and is the future of healthcare. Light can be utilized to repair damaged tissue, accelerate recovery from injuries, modulate pain, and assist in many other health-related disorders. Hi my name is Bob Donatelli. I’m here today with a very exciting video we’re trying to do on a new modality I’ve been using the clinic, which is laser from Multi Radiance Medical.

This is called the MR4 ACTIV and we have the MR4 Ultra next to me. This is a plug-in, and this is portable. At this point in my career I can’t imagine treating certain types of conditions without the super pulsed laser. It has been so effective on managing trigger point pain in my office. Multi Radiance’s laser technology has combined the efforts of over 20 years of technical achievements and thousands of clinical sites around the world to create superior devices that consistently deliver the most reliable and clinically significant results. And this technology has been validated in the Pillars Paper. Our unique and patented core technology is the synergistic use of infrared and red LED combined with super pulsed laser in a cluster probe along with a magnetic field. These wavelengths and light sources were selected to optimize the biological effects to the body through the entire phototherapeutic window to provide a greater depth of penetration into tissue while eliminating the thermal concerns of temperature increases in any skin pigmentation types.

Thus, applications of Multi Radiance laser devices are safe at all doses with no concerns of overheating. This is the low-level laser at its best. Device software utilizes algorithms to synergize the wavelengths, creating a Cascading Effect where the energy is absorbed at the superficial tissue level and down inches below the skin surface if needed. The super pulsed laser maximizes the light’s photon density and improves the depth of penetration into tissue, thus reducing treatment times and optimizing clinical results and efficiency. And some optional treatment emitters can offer simultaneous electrical stim as a pain reducing adjunct as well.

Laser treatments are non-invasive and painless. Most people do not feel anything during the treatment and low-level laser has no known side effects. Multi Radiance Medical super pulsed lasers are FDA-cleared in the US, Health Canada CE Mark in Europe, and TGA in Australia, with hundreds of thousands of devices being used in 30 different countries in 3,000 hospitals and more than 15,000 private practices throughout the world. They are also used by over 50 professional sports teams, veterinary hospitals and clinics, physical therapy and athletic training facilities, podiatrists, chiropractors, and medical doctors utilizing Multi Radiance technology. You can rest assured you will be receiving the best in low-level laser technology available. Multi Radiance Medical lasers offer effective, drug-free, non-invasive, safe, and side-effect-free treatment options to everyone.

Low-level laser from the industry’s best. Multi Radiance Medical: Tomorrow’s technology, available today..