How To Get 100 Leads A Day | My Lead Gen Secret Review

Whats up guys, Manuela Vincent back with another video and on today’s video, I’m actually going to share with you a new system that I’m part of that’s allowing me to get a hundred fresh business leads every single day for a dollar a day. Okay, guys again, that’s a hundred fresh business. Op leads for a dollar a dollar a day, but before we get into that, if you’re new to my channel welcome, basically i provide reviews on other people’s products that are working for me as far as being an affiliate marketer. I also share with you ways where you can make money from home, either from a business or working from home, especially with the economy. The way it is um, it’s very important to basically have yourself a little nest egg. So I, if any of that resonates with you, go ahead and do me a favor hit that subscribe button down below also be sure to hit that notification bell that way. You’re notified when I do drop another video, okay guys. So let’s go ahead and get started. So this new, but before I even get started with the system itself, um, it’s very important to note that as a marketer, an affiliate marketer, a regular marketer how to get 100 leads a day. My lead gen secret review, a business owner um you, the most important thing you need to know is you need to get eyes on your product, okay and honestly, a lot of people struggle with that. They just don’t know how to get people, especially if you’re new, you don’t know how to get started. You know, you’re kind. How to get 100 leads a day. My lead gen secret review of struggling. How can I, you know, I don’t want to show my family and friends, you know that’s the biggest thing. We always get a lot of people coming me personally. How do I market this? You know, how do I, how do I get people to see what I’ve got? Well, that’s the thing you know me I utilize a lot of um platforms. You know, I utilize a lot of free marketing such as YouTube. How to get 100 leads a day. My lead gen secret review, interest um. You know my current social media following Instagram, but I really really love the the mailing affiliate. You know mailing to my list option. I think that to me is so important and if you’re able to have leads delivered to your mailbox every day fresh leads, and then you know that they’re already business leads. These people are basically buyers. They want to get into a business. They want to see all these affiliate products, um, and they’re ready to buy that’s the kind of leads that we as marketers need and want us. So that’s kind of something that I was looking for before I even purchased this and I looked on the reviews and am very you know very interesting, and I knew I just wanted to sign up for it. Okay, so if that sounds like something that you’ve been struggling with, I highly recommend this particular system um. When you see the way it looks inside and the price point on it um, I think you’re gon na really be um thrilled about it and you’re gon na take some action. Okay, so let’s go ahead and get started um. Let, actually, let me go out real quick um, I’m gon na go out and go back in, so it’s basically called my lead gen secrets and we’re gon na go ahead. Um I’m actually logged in, but I kind of want to just to show you here. You go, this is the front screen of that product um. This is the guy who talked who basically owns the product and talks about it. He goes over what it is um, how he’s been able to utilize his list, um with like clickbank, if you’re familiar with that, to promote his products and in any pretty much any affiliate offer um. This is a good system to have okay. So basically, when you get started, um, I’m gon na show you the back office in a minute, but I’ll drop the link, obviously to uh this system. So you can go ahead and get started with it. Um you’re gon na pay. Basically, it’s thirty dollars a month to get a hundred leads every single day um, but in the initial fee it’s gon na cost. You thirty dollars as a setup fee to set up this, get the system set up and all that for you and then thirty dollars. Um for your first month, so it’s gon na be a sixty dollar processing fee just the first time and then after that is 30 a month. So just wanted to put that uh disclaimer out there, but it is thirty dollars a month um. So let’s go ahead and get started. Basically um you get your. You know you set up your username and all that good stuff. When you get us get in um and I just logged into the back office. So in here, you’re gon na see a few things. Um one thing: I wanted to point out that what’s great about this system – and this is my review of it – which I like the results, I’m getting so far. Basically, it is camspam compliant. So everything you message in here is very compliant: you’re not going to get people complaining about what you’re emailing them a lot of times with some of these other marketing or emailing platforms, amber get response a lot of times the people that you’re sending your you know. Your emails to them’re not going to be, you know, really receptive to it and they might put a complaint on you. So that’s another thing I like about this is there’s nothing like that here: you’re not going to get any pushback, because it’s already set up for you to mail out. It tells you how to mail out. It tells you what not to include in there so that you’re going to get the best results. Okay, so yup, that’s that’s the biggest thing I liked about it and you’re getting 100 leads delivered every single day. If you can see here, this tells you my stats. You know today I got 100, it’s every 24 hours. You get leads. 100 leads every 24 hours leads yesterday and I’m gon na show you what my leads are now how many I had okay um. So these are some of my campaigns. I mailed out some of my mailings um. You can’t set up a campaign in here is, that’s for regular um, if you’re familiar with amber and get a response when you could have a this allows you to mail out every 24 hours and that’s why it’s it’s been working so well, and the open and click Rates are so good with this. You know, I mean if you can see some of my stats here. You know um when I started, I was you know only 100 leads in here. You know it was a smaller amount of opens as your list grows. Obviously, these are going to get larger as well. The click rates are good in this. The open rates are good, as you can see so my results here, I don’t get this. I haven’t gotten these with some of the other um mailing uh systems. I’Ve used. Okay, I don’t know about you, but I find that this is working really well as far as the open routes and things like that. So basically, this is your mailing platform. Okay, this would be when you come in. You can also refer other people to it. You get your own affiliate link, but let’s go in here real quick. I want to kind of show you a preview of what it looks like so um. Basically these are all your leads that came in. It tells you when they came in the dates: okay, um. 100 leads every single day um. If I were going to do a mailing right now, which I’m not able to yet, because my I still have six hours left before I can do my next mailing. It type it writes. Theres already a little thing in here tells you what you should put in here: what you shouldn’t so that if you remain compliant okay um, he has some email, swipes master, email, swipes that you can purchase from him. You don’t have to do that. Theres actually some free email swipes in here as well. He gives you strategies to double your leads for 200 a day. You know things like that. He explains all that to you, because you want to watch these videos when you come in. It really breaks it down. For you and explains it, but if I were to mail a campaign basically um today, I would click these leads all of them right now. I have 2400 leads, so literally 100 leads every single day, and then I would do my subject here. These are all past subjects that I’ve used. I can reload them if I wanted to come up with a new subject. You know um and just go here, and it has all the formatting in here for you to put your message in one thing that I really love about this is this perfect timing feature guys. It basically predicts the timing that people on this list are going to open up your emails. When it’s going to be, you know, delivered and things it optimizes, that’s. What’S helping my open rates is using this tool right here. All I have to do is click that and basically that’s why I’m seeing good open rates because it predicts when that person is going to open their emails and like really read what you sent them. Okay, so good feature a lot of other um. I believe get response has something similar to that, but this is a nice feature here. So that was briefly when I want to show you in the back office here. It already creates um the basically the no reply. Um, you know, miley jim secret, because a lot of times emails bounce. This prevents them from bouncing because of this feature here. Its always you can choose for your name to be on there or just it’s coming from miley gem secrets: okay, so um a couple, other things stats. This is where you could go to review your stats right. It tells you you know what the blue line is. What the red line is who’s opening who’s, not um. You know how many emails you sent out so very good feature important to see where we’re at here: okay um, they have their own recommended advertising. Basically again, you can purchase his master email swipes. If you wish to do so. It’S not you know you don’t have to uh, but he’s been doing this for a long time. He knows the swipes that work. If you want to market the system, which I highly suggest, if you’re starting out, if you want to earn some, you know some extra income, you can do that with this. So you would go under affiliates, and here are some results. Here are some of the links you watch the video he talks about it. You can build yourself a little commission here as well um. These are some of the the swipes that he already provides for you um, so basically um. You know you could use the swipes that he’s given to you. The subject lines are here: um the text everything is here. All you got to do is just start plugging these in start, shooting those emails out and you could potentially earn some commissions with that again. Theres no guarantees with leads or anything in business. Okay, so I’m not here um to say that you’re going to get you know, people buying your product. It takes an average of 10 10 or more times of exposure for something before people will buy it. But this system is set up for you to have some success because your emails are not going into someone’s spam. Folder you’re not getting. You know um complaints, which is very important, so think about all those things as you’re going through reviewing this process before you get started um, you know, look at the reviews. I am showing you my results, I’m very pleased with that for thirty dollars a month. A hundred leads okay, a day, some other systems out there that I see they’re a hundred dollars a month and you’re not getting. I just don’t feel like the quality. Is there. So that’s why I love this system, so uh. Basically, that’s kind of what the back office looks like in a nutshell: everything here, you’re gon na, come in once you join against 60. To start 30 goes for your setup fee and then 30 a month after that, okay guys so you’re going to come and watch this click quick, start video. Its going to guide you through um you want to. If you want to start doing the affiliate program with them again, I just showed you where you could go and start emailing um this email swipes out for this. You can utilize this. These leads guys for any business opportunity you have, so you don’t have to just stick with promoting my legion um. Its just an option there. I do both okay. I use this list to market all the things that I’m in as well as my lead. Gen. Okay um. Another thing that to also to think about is the leads in the system are real buyers, that’s important. Sometimes you can buy, leads and they’re, not even good buyers. Their not going to do anything there, not even probably going to opt in on anything um. Thats important, these are actually people that are have have actually put it out there in the universe that they’re interested in buying products or they’re an affiliate, marketer or their business owner. So that’s something else. Thats good about these leads is they’re. High quality leads and that’s something else you want to look at all right. So overall, my review of the system is really good. I, like um, I’ve, actually gotten some opt-ins, so people into some other services that I’m offering with this again. I love the open rates that I can see that they’re pretty high. I, like the click rate, so I’m really impressed with it for a measly 30 a month. Okay. So, if any of this like looks, you know interesting to you and it’s something that you’re interested in joining us again, if you’re struggling to find leads. This is just one of my high recom recommendations. Instead of going out there spending, you know a lot of money on like you to me. I use myself, but I really love this because I’m having my own list every single day, something else you can keep these leads are yours. Okay, you’ve been paying 30 a month. These are always your leads for life. Okay, let me show you something really quickly um, so let’s say actually my leads. I’M gon na go into my links. I can actually download these leads. Okay, I can take a look at them. I can actually download them to another to an autoresponder. If that’s something that you want to do that way, you have your own separate autoresponder, because this is not attached to an autoresponder. Thats a separate piece! You mail within this uh, but I like this because everything’s compliant where you’re going to take these leads and you’re going to drop them into another autoresponder chances. Are you know you might get some? You know, I’m not sure I wouldn’t say I just think some of those other autoresponder systems can be a little tricky um, but these are always your leads. You can download them do what you want to. You can actually go into them and look at them carefully and they tell you the lead partner level where they’re located. You know these are buyers guys. These are all buyers, people that are looking for business opportunities or they want to buy products. So you’re going to get some good open rates for these all right. So that’s pretty much all I wanted to say in this video again guys I’ll drop the link below. If you have any comments, questions that you want to ask me about the system. Uh drop. Those in the comments below also, if you’re using this, let me know how you’re doing with it love to hear feedback and see other people’s results. Okay, so that’s all I had to say on this video. I hope you got some value from it. Go ahead and hit that subscribe. Button also make sure you do hit that notification bell that way: you’re updated when I do drop another video guys all right see you on the next one. You