Coronavirus Outbreak – Transmission & Updates Explained

Welcome to the new MedCram Lecture Recently, something happened in the news. Hope this thing will calm down soon. This incident is the new coronavirus outbreak, starting in 2019. The outbreak began on the last day of 2019 And accompanied us to 2020. Lets talk about coronavirus. First, This virus should come from Wuhan China. Lets talk about the current situation and some latest news. It seems that this virus comes from Wuhan China we mentioned earlier. Scholars seem to have locked their source in a wild market. In fact, some hospitalized patients In the upcoming issue of The Lancet From this wild market As of January 25 2020. They estimate that about 1,300 people have been infected And about 41 died of illness. Of course, this number will not unexpectedly continue to rise. Where has the virus spread Except China and Asia, The virus has spread to Australia, France and the United States. Two cases in the United States, A woman in Chicago Another example – is a man in Washington State. We will discuss what to expect next.

But we will also discuss exactly what is happening now And why, this time the virus is so special. First, we have known coronavirus for a long time. It is an RNA virus. We are clear on this point. Then we have to realize. Coronavirus is almost ubiquitous in the human living environment. They usually cause a common cold. The unusual thing about this new virus is that It is a virus that already exists in animals Suddenly turned into a virus in the human body. There are countless coronaviruses that can infect animals, But this coronavirus has never appeared in humans. Jump into the human body Can be said to be unprecedented. How this happened? It may come from a mutation When a virus gene mutates its protein changes Allows viral proteins to bind to human proteins Cause the virus to enter human cells. This kind of infection usually happens, And if the virus can replicate itself, It can spread to the entire human body And may spread to other people.

What processes are necessary Must mutate first, And this mutation already exists in animals. Then someone must come into close contact with the animal Or live with them Or eat this animal. In this way, the mutant virus originally living in the animal can enter the human. When the virus enters the body, It needs to be able to replicate itself. Then there will be more viruses in the body. Then it needs to be able to spread to another body. The above conditions will lead to the occurrence of infectious diseases. So how do these processes happen? As mentioned earlier? There must be self-replication first

Scholars believe this virus can replicate in humans. How does it spread to another person Not from another animal to another? The way infection actually occurs Is the virus in the first infected person. Self-Replication Then spread. So how does it spread? The virus is transmitted by air (, droplets). This is why you should wear a mask Close contact spread, So you need to pay attention to your contacts, Pollutant spread. This is why you should wash your hands carefully Or infrequent transmission of excreta To prevent the spread of the virus. The above are all places where you can work hard. We have seen infectious diseases like this before So, where have we seen this coronavirus outbreak? I believe you all remember SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, ) in 2002, It comes from bats Virus from bat Infected with a mammal named civet. This animal is infected by humans or lives. Fortunately, we haven’t seen any more cases of infection since 2004, But in 2002 it was a big event, Followed by MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, ), which is related to the Middle East camels. The virus is present in camels. If you eat, camel meat or camel milk, You may be infected Now appearing patients infected with the new virus. This virus is called nCoV (new coronavirus, ), So nCoV is a new coronavirus. As its name suggests. The virus comes from Wuhan China in 2019. It has spread to humans, So the question is which animal does it come from? Who is the original host? What Scholars Do in the Journal of Medical, Virology, RNA sequencing of the virus To make it easier for everyone to read? We will put a link to the article After they sequenced the viral RNA, Compare it with 200 other RNA viruses and coronaviruses. These viruses are known to infect animals. A viral RNA was found to be paired. The RNA of the new coronavirus is very close to a virus in a snake. Relevant scholars have concluded that, Although we don’t know if this is completely correct, But this is their conclusion. They think there must be a snake in Wuhan Wild Market. Coronavirus with mutation Is what they call nCoV Someone ate snake meat or came close to it Or contact it by other means Makes this virus start to replicate in that person. Then that person transmitted the virus, As we will see in the Lancet article Links to this article will also be in the introduction. The article pointed out that a family member was found hospitalized due to the illness. We will be in the second video we are about to launch Introduction of symptoms, lethality and other relevant information. The above is the relevant information of the current epidemic situation in China. This is a heavy news right now, Because, just when I made this video, Millions of people in China are still in isolation. In the next video, we will discuss the symptoms, Research, progress of therapeutic vaccine And how you can prevent this coronavirus, Thanks for watching