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I’M officially declaring a national emergency Friday reassured by the President’s message: markets skyrocketed, I’m scared for my girls. The virus continues to spread so does fear. Only West Virginia is yet to report a confirmed case late Friday night, the Pentagon halting all official domestic travel for servicemembers. Dod civilians and their families effective March 16th through May 11th in some states the National Guard now helping with basic necessities those that do across the country, schools, suspend it 13 statewide closures. This school was one of the first to close after four students showed symptoms in LA the second largest school district, hundreds of thousands of kids now staying home. We will look back in this period and this will be the make-or-break days, Louisiana presidential primary rescheduled for June 20th in Boston, church services, canceled, the iconic marathon delayed this planet is going to handbasket, live General Hospital and Ellen more sporting events, canceled the Masters and NASCAR Races and all embarking u.s

Cruises stopped a request from the President himself to keep the deadly pandemic from spiraling to major retailers, also closing their doors, tech, giant Apple and outdoor gear, labeled Patagonia, more than 2,200 cases, and at least 50 dead. No health care system can take care of an uncontrolled pandemic. America known for the drive-through. Usually restaurants and car washes now coronavirus testing. It’S also smarter and safer, because you’re not exposing people to a person who may be positive. Meanwhile, at this site in Colorado, fear of the unknown, there are likely thousands of cases in Colorado that have not yet been tested or whose tests are pending. Seattle’S now goes town, not a soul on the street sharp contrast to supermarkets across the country, another symptom that life. As we know it has changed the question now for how long health officials say this is going to get worse before it gets better Peter Kristen. All right right there on the clock. Thank you very much appreciate that, and, as we mentioned, the house did pass an emergency relief bill overnight and now it is up to the Senate. President Trump has said: he’ll sign it hours after he declared that national emergency NBC’s Hans Nichols is at the White House with that part of our coverage. Hans good morning to you, oh good morning, Kristen the national emergency. The president declared freeze up billions of dollars for states and localities. It’S designed to speed up the availability of testing. On top of that, the House passed that emergency relief package it the president, said he supports and now awaits action by the Senate overnight. The house passing an emergency relief package for those financially hit by the coronavirus, including unemployment and paid leave, benefits and free coronavirus testing. We thought it would be important to show that American people who assure the American people that we are willing and able to work together before encouraging all Republicans and Democrats to come together and vote. Yes, on twitter president Donald Trump appearing in the Rose Garden to declare a national emergency to combat coronavirus, no resource will be spared, freeing up some fifty billion dollars for states and localities. Mr

Trump also announced that he was suspending interest payments on student loans, directing states to set up emergency operation centers and working on drive-through test sites. The goal is for individuals to be able to drive up and be swamped without having to leave your car like shaking hands with industry CEOs with one elbow bump. Okay, I like that the president also placing limitations on who should get tested. We don’t want everyone running out and taking only if you have certain symptoms and while a member of his task force called the lack of test kits of failing the president, not taking the blame, do you take responsibility for that yeah? No, I don’t take responsibility at all, because we were given a set of circumstances and we were given rules, regulations and specifications from a different time and after initially suggesting that he wasn’t concerned about contracting the virus. From a member of the Brazilian delegation who was later diagnosed with kovat 19, no, we have no symptoms whatsoever. President Trump admitted that he may get tested himself. It wasn’t going to be tested. Are you going to be most likely yeah now, just before midnight, the White House’s physicians office released a statement saying that the president’s interaction with Brazilian officials was low-risk and there was therefore no need for a home quarantine. Now, as for the president, he’s not presenting any symptoms, and so the White House is saying that no test is indicated for the president at the moment guys, we know it’s gon na be a busy weekend there at the White House Hans Nichols. Thank you. Meantime, a US travel ban on foreign nationals from Europe is now in effect, NBC’s Janice, Mackay Freyr is at London’s Heathrow Airport with the very latest on that Janice good morning good morning, Peter flights still taking off from here we’ve seen some United and American flights among Them the ban on travelers coming from Europe doesn’t mean that Americans can’t go home, but for many travelers it isn’t easy at airports across Europe. Chaos anxious travelers racing to get back to the u.s

Ahead of the travel ban that began up the stroke of midnight Eastern Time dream vacations cut short, my sister called us like frantically like she’s, like you, meaning out of this country right now, China, Barrett and Ethan Smith spent two days in limbo and an extra thousand Dollars but are finally heading home to San Francisco release yeah. That’S the yes major relief on this. I just want to be home, and now we’re hopefully going to get there. Coronavirus cases are now sweeping Europe in France and Germany. Italy remains locked down and Spain declaring a state of emergency expecting a surge of cases within days. Europe has now become the epicenter of the pandemic, with more reported cases and deaths than the rest of the world combined. The u.s. ban affecting European citizens from 26 countries and likely to expand to include the UK with cases here nearly quadrupling in just one day. We are looking at it based on the new numbers that are coming out and we may have to include them in the list of countries that we will. You could say: ban health officials questioned whether a ban on air travel will do much to curb what is already a global pandemic everywhere. Mass gatherings, like sports events and religious services, are being canceled. Even the Olympic torch ceremony in Greece didn’t allow spectators for travelers like China and Ethan. They aren’t sure what’s ahead when they reach home, I’m ready to go home, yeah so ready to go home. The restrictions really are changing day to day here in the UK. The government just a couple of days ago, said that it wouldn’t ban mass gatherings now saying they will and they’re also urging people to work from home, Kristen, Peter and Janis you live in China. You were there at the epicenter covering this crisis when it began, it seems like they’re finally coming out from under it right now. What does China’s experience tell us about what it could like look like for us here in the United States Peter a lot of these measures that we’re seeing were imposed in China a couple of months ago, closing schools imposing quarantines, several of them, of course, not being Available to lawmakers in the United States, but we have seen the number of new cases every day dropped to single digits as well. My son had his first playdate at another kids house in the last two months, so there are signs of improvement for people who’ve been living with these restrictions, so experts are saying no matter how drastic or extreme or shocking they feel they really are necessary to protect Your families, Peter Criss, Americans, already looking to come out the other side of this thing. It’S gon na be a little while here, Janice vacuum air. We thank you very much, that is for sure health officials say coronavirus will get worse before it starts to get better. Take a look at the numbers so far, two weeks ago, on February 29th, coronavirus was in nine states with 63 cases and no reported deaths one week later, that jumped to 29 states with 336 cases and 17 deaths, and this morning every state but West Virginia now Has reported cases for more on that as well as this rollercoaster week, we witnessed on Wall Street we’re gon na talk to nbc’s senior business, correspondent, Stephanie ruhle, as well as dr

A mesh adalah, a senior scholar with Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Health security, dr. Adal zhihui, we’ll begin with you as our guest. This morning, this was a wild week. The way we know life in America is certainly on pause for the moment. Some people are saying this is more of a panic demmick than it is a pandemic. What do you say to those folks who think this situation is overblown? I don’t believe this is overblown. This is a rapidly spreading respiratory virus. That efficiently goes between human to humans and it has a case fatality rate of around one percent or maybe a little bit lower. But it is causing severe illness and we’re worried about how this is going to impact our hospitals and even with a 1 % case. Fatality rate, which the average person is likely going to do, okay with it there’s going to be enough. People infected enough people sick that we’re going to really overburden our hospitals and that’s what we’re worried about. Is our hospitals not being able to cope with the surge of patients that we’re going to get and dr

Taja we’ve been engaging in this effort to essentially flatten the curved try to make sure that the cases don’t spike all at once. The president announced robust measures, including expanding that travel ban. We know that events have been canceled all across the country. Is this enough? Is this the appropriate response? What war should we be doing? We definitely need to be doing as much social distancing as we can, especially for vulnerable populations such as the elderly and those with medical conditions. We really also need to be able to empower our doctors to be able to test people to be able to know who has this infection to know where it is in our country, because some of these, some of these things may seem like complete blanket types of Recommendations to cancel everything, but we couldn’t. We can’t be much more nuanced, because we don’t really know which cities that’s in which cities it’s not in, because our testing has kind of been behind the eight-ball. So we’re kind of lacking situational awareness and I think we need to do that. We need to work on that as well. We need to accelerate antivirals, we need to accelerate vaccines and continue to do great public health communication to the public, important information, dr

Donna, thank you so much. We appreciate it. We do want to bring in Stephanie ruhle Steph. Yesterday. Of course, we heard the president announced that national emergency and the stock market rebounded almost immediately overnight, even more developments with the house. Signing that measure that’s going to pump more money into this crisis. How do you anticipate the stock market is going to respond? Will it start to stabilize that stabilize is unclear, but what the market doesn’t like is uncertainty and the market has been begging. For the last few weeks for numbers and yesterday when the president was speaking in the Rose Garden, finally, we heard about a mass plan to attest to increase the number of tests, but, more importantly, from a market perspective, he was flanked by really best-in-class business leaders from Quest Diagnostics to CVS, to Target, to Walmart sort of the biggest CEOs who are stakeholders so now the president has created this public-private partnership to address it, and the market certainly likes it now. As far as volatility goes, the question is: are they going to deliver? We don’t know, but the market likes the plan stuff. Obviously, this is going to take a toll on a lot of Americans right now, perhaps no one more than restaurant workers, your waitresses, your waiters, their your uber and lyft drivers, those hourly workers in this country – are they the ones who are gon na, be hardest hit By this, without a doubt and Peter, it’s really important to remember all the at what advice we have been given, which is to stay home, which is to cancel almost everything changing most aspects of our daily lives that really hurts our economy, we’re a service based economy. So all those jobs you just talked about when people are staying home, we’re not out there spending and we’re not getting our hair cut, we’re not going to the gym. That’S to impact things, but last night that house bill that you talked about is going to be a first step to address these things. A lot of people hope in the Senate signs that soon, so the president can get moving on it. Stephanie ruhle. Thank you. So much appreciate you