2 Ways to Grow Your Email List FAST (How I Captured 700,000 Emails)

Have you heard the phrase that the money’s in the lists. It’s true. Emails are one of the most valuable assets. For me and most companies like Amazon, Overstock, emails actually is the most valuable channel out there when it comes to marketing, so how do you collect more emails? Well, today I’m going to teach you how to grow your email list fast. There’s two main strategies that I like using. The first is Exit Popups, and I use a free tool called Hellobar.com to create exit popups.

If you noticed on Neilpatel.com, there’s an exit popup. You may say that exit pop-ups are tacky, everyone hates them and you know what? I don’t want to use them, but they work. If they didn’t work you wouldn’t see them everywhere, so if you go Neilpatel.com and you’re about to leave once you’re reading a blog post, you’ll notice that you see an exit popup. Now, what’s unique is my exit popup has an animated background that’s a GIF. You can create this for free using Hellobar.com, and it shows you my exit pop-up teaches you how I rank number one for online marketing in Google, and it shows you in the background that I’m ranking number one, right? You can see that I’m typing in online marketing, it scrolls and it shows you how am right there.

That’s one of my best converting exit pop-ups. It kills any other opt-in that I have when it comes to numbers, so use that exit pop-up and show a GIF in the background. The reason you want to show a GIF, the GIF is the thing that you’re going to give them. Let’s say you’re going to give them an E-book that talks about how to remove dog hair from their cloths, their furniture. You want to show them, in the background, that animated GIF should be a preview, or let’s say your exit popup just talks about subscribing to the newsletter. Well, the animated GIF should be a preview of the newsletter, right? This shows people what they’re going to get before they subscribe, it makes them more comfortable, they’ll opt-in. The second strategy is content upgrades. What a content upgrade is when someone’s reading your blog post and they want more information related to that blog post, you can offer it to them.

That’s a content upgrades. Let’s say you wrote a blog post on 10 ways to grow your blog traffic. The content upgrade would be download the chit sheet on how to grow your blog traffic, and in that chit sheet you will just include those 10 ways. You’re pretty much just making a checklist in a nice pretty version. Don’t worry, you don’t have to have any designer technical skills.

You can also create this using Hellobar.com. It’s that simple, and you want to put the content upgrade within the first few paragraphs of your blog post. I usually call them chit sheets or checklists and every time I write a blog post, I have them. People click through, it asks them for a name and email and I collect more emails. Those are the two strategies that I use, they work, start using them on your blog, your website and you’ll collect more emails fast. .

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