Woodworking, How A Carpenter Says I Love You

Ok guys daddy’s really excited to show mommy her present yeah are you guys excited to show her too? yeah when you when you love somebody you spend lots of time with them and you and you you make gifts for them that way they know how special they are you guys know how special you are ok let’s go get mommy oh boy I just got you a gift from from ikea and just spent the last couple of hours assembling it. Wanna come check it out? ya think ya gonna show me your present guys yeah sorry it took so long to assemble the instructions were kind of hard to read come around this side you know it’s last minute husband’s just never thinking ahead well I know Ikea’s your favourite store so…

It’s been a long time coming honey just want you to know how much I love you okay mommy’s going to open it come look Carver it’s a treasure box thank you so much for watching this video and if you’re thinking about doing something special for your spouse don’t forget to tell ikea to suck it and build something with your hands if you’re into woodworking and you want to up your game and maybe try a little bit of carving the carving chisel set that I used in this video is available on my website so you can check that out click the link up there for the description box below and for instant gratification followed by enlightenment and joy just click the subscribe button right there and win-win till next time samurai out

Woodworking at home