Tiger at Bronx Zoo in NYC tests positive for COVID-19

And in another, first for the coronavirus pandemic, a tiger tested positive for the virus at the bronc zoo she was tested after she developed a dry cough and didn’t have an appetite. What does this mean for our pets at home? Eyewitness news reporter naveen dollywall. Has that story startling news tonight, a four-year-old Malayan tiger named Nadia at the Bronx zoo testing positive for covid19 after zoo officials say she was exposed to asymptomatic worker carrying the virus. We were surprised, of course, because this is the first time a person has naturally infected an animal and an animal has gotten sick. The zoo’s chief veterinarian, dr Paul calley, says it turns out the big cat infected others. Four tigers and three lions in total began displaying respiratory illnesses and got testing. She got sick and the later other tigers and lions got sick all expected to recover. But the question now: can the virus be transmitted to humans through pets? Dr ann hoenhaus from new York city’s animal medical center says yes, but so far only through cats. We know that pet cats have almost the identical virus receptor on their cells that left the virus. In that people do in hohenhaus says: there’s no evidence of transmission through dogs, but because this pandemic is an evolving situation, proper hygiene practices should always be done if you’re sick, isolate yourself from all members of the family, and that includes the pets. Now to the question of testing, many of you are asking on social media. How did a tiger here at the Bronx zoo get tested for the corona virus when testing for humans is so limited? Well, dr cali says it’s simple: there’s no competition! You can’t take human samples to a veterinary laboratory and vice versa, and so far here at the zoo. No one else infected. We have keepers, who’ve cared for the cats, none of them have been tested and they all were healthy at the time they worked with the cats in the Bronx naveen dollywall channel 7. Eyewitness news, you