The SonoSim® Ultrasound Training Solution

The SonoSim® Ultrasound Training Solution make training easy and effective. The SonoSim® Solution is the only ultrasound training that combines hands-on scanning, with a comprehensive selection of educational courses and real-time performance assessment. Thousands of real-patient cases with thousands of pathologies are available on demand from the SonoSim® Case Library. The SonoSim® Skill Box contains the basic skills you need to acquire and interpret ultrasound images. Learn by doing! The SonoSimulator® allows you to scan on a variety of surfaces based on your individual preference. As you rotate the handheld SonoSim® Sensor, a virtual probe on screen precisely mirrors your Sensor motion, and a corresponding ultrasound image is displayed in real time. By removing layers of skin and anatomy, you can visualize the array beam and correlate ultrasound images with underlying anatomical structures. View buttons provide probe positioning assistance and findings videos deliver expert clinical analysis: “This scan of the right upper quadrant examines the hepatorenal interface commonly known as Morrison’s Pouch.” The SonoSim® Solution also teaches ultrasound-guided procedures. Knobology tutorials demonstrate a variety of ultrasound machines.

SonoSim hands-on training is supported by the most comprehensive course catalog available today. Created by leading ultrasound educators, SonoSim® Courses combined text, video, and animation to create a dynamic training tool. Questions and feedback are interspersed throughout each course, and each course concludes with a mastery test and performance review. SonoSim, the proven ultrasound training solution, is certified for Continuing Medical Education. The SonoSim® Ultrasound Training Solution is now available in two powerful formats: SonoSim® Personal Solutions, and SonoSim® Editions. The SonoSim® Ultrasound Training Solution adapts to any training environment. Choose the Solution that works for you. The SonoSim® Personal Solution converts your own computer into your personal ultrasound training platform.

Create your own content by selecting modules from the SonoSim® Content Library, or choose pre-configured SonoSim® Packages. SonoSim® Editions, provided on custom laptops, are perfect for simulation centers training, programs, and institutions. Contact a SonoSim team member for more information. SonoSim®: The Easiest Way to Learn Ultrasonography®..