Navy relieves captain of USS Roosevelt after COVID-19 outbreak aboard ship

And some major concerns around the world tonight about our men and women in uniform. It comes as one of the Navy’s aircraft carriers deals with AK. Ovid 19 outbreaks of its own, a thousand sailors, have been removed from the USS Theodore Roosevelt after a number of crew members tested positive. The pandemic is also raising a red flag with lawmakers in Washington 10 on your side. Regina Mobley has this story from our newsroom tonight, Regina well Tom. We have a new development in the story of the Roosevelt, the Department of Defense just announced. The commanding officer has been relieved of command after he reportedly caused unnecessary alarm about the spread of the corona virus. Captain Bret Crozier using unsecured channels, wrote in a memo. We are not at war. Sailors do not need to die if we do not act. Now we are failing to take care of our sailors as a corona crisis at sea for the USS Theodore Roosevelt weeks after a port call to central Vietnam, nearly 100 TR sailors have the potentially deadly virus. That number is expected to grow as more test results come and the commanding officer of the carrier is pleading for help in relocating 3,000 sailors, who should be placed in quarantine, Senator Mark Warner is blasting. The Trump administration saying the public is in the dark about how the virus has affected troops. We need to make sure that the Navy, and for that matter, all the DoD is much more transparent not only about the Teddy Roosevelt but other ships that are deployed and for that matter, other military installations around Virginia and around the country on u.s

Navy warships, a social distancing, is nearly impossible sailors, work, eat and sleep in tight spaces. The CEO is trying to add a space by sending sailors to various facilities and even hotels in Guam. In the coming days, Navy officials insist the fighting machine could still fight if called into action. I would also like to emphasize that if the ship needs to go, if there’s a crisis, the ship can go. Senator Warner has other concerns since the bombing of the Norfolk-based USS Cole. The Navy has spent millions of dollars to improve force protection. 1Er wants to know if mistakes were made in assessing the invisible enemies threat in Vietnam. You asked a great question and I don’t have a great answer, that without saying why we were continuing to conduct business as usual, when we’ve seen the spread of this virus, we are also keeping an eye on another carrier. Pentagon officials say a handful of sailors on the USS. Ronald Reagan has also tested positive for kovat 19. The Reagan a former Norfolk based ship is now based in Japan. No word yet on any kovat 19 infections. On locally based ships, senator Warner says the administration has not been transparent and how the pandemic is affecting troops and their families worldwide, Regina Mobley 10. On your side,