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Hello everybody! This is Parveen and i will come you to the AppDNA channel where we talk about all things apps. Today i’ll be talking to you about the lead management app and how you can build a simple one with our local platform Zoho creator. What in Zoho creators? Zoho creator is a new age low code builde,r where we use a drag-and-drop interface to drag elements drop them build our workflows and deploy apps quickly.

Even if you are a non developer you need not get intimidated with coding because with Creator. Today I’ll show you how to build a lead management app with 5 easy steps. What is the lead management app? Lead management app will help you keep track of your leads and activities that your sales representatives are doing with your leads. The first step, we will create forms to add your sales representatives and the second we will create new leads third we will create activities for these leads and assign them to our sales reps, in the fourth we will set reminders for our sales reps for their activities and the fifth step we will share the app with our sales reps. So that they can keep track of their activities. Let’s login to creator and learn how to build forms with it the first form we will be building will be to add our sales reps. Welcome to creator dot Zoho dot com where we will be building our lead management app. Today you have an option to either create a new application or if you have been using spreadsheets to manage your leads then you can simply import those files and app will create it for you I will click on new application and it takes me to the app gallery where I can either create an app from scratch or choose from one of these 50 pre-made applications that I have in my gallery. So one of these apps is the lead management app, that I’ll show you after we are done with the tutorial.

We’ll install it and check it out for us but let’s create one from scratch. I will name it as lead management 2018 this takes me to the edit mode where we can create our forms or workflows our settings. So let’s start with creating our first form and that is to add a sales rep blank add sales representative and this takes me to the form builder where we can drag and drop these data elements to create our first form so for my sales rep.

I want to know their name and their email hit done and now I’ll go to access this application where we can check our app in the live mode so this is the edit mode where we built our app and in the live what we see our app running let’s say the first sales representative is my friend Akshay I submit and in my ad sales representatives report you can check that action has been added in the sales rep so here we learnt how to build a first form. Now that we have our sales reps will create another form to add our new leads. Now that we have created our sales reps, we are going to create a new form and that is to add our leads here I would want to note the name of my leads so I used the name field next the email I renamed the name as lead name the email is lead email next I want to use the single line field for the job title and the one for the company name the phone number and all of this I would place under the section of lead personal information so I drag and drop all of them and I’ll name the section as personally next I’ll use a separate section and this one would be for the assignment information in this section I would like to know who this lead has been assigned to who is the lead owner so I’ll use a special field called lookup which is used to relate two forms I want to look up my lead from and populate the sorry I want to use the sales representative form and I want to populate the sales name here sales reps name so I’ll name this field as lead owner next I want to know the lead status what is the status of this lead so I’ll use the drop down field here name the field as lead status and the choices would be and another one would be and qualified or lost so every time a new lead is created I want the status to be new by default and next I can use the multi-line field for any other information so I’ll just name it as comments hit done and now we will go on to access our application in the live mode to check our app so this is our lead form we have our personal information and the assignment information so because I am the admin of the app when I click on lead owner I can check that Akshay my sales rep is there.

What happens when Akshay logs in into the app then I want it to be Auto populated and Akshay should be assigned this lead automatically for this I will go on to create a new workflow. I want this workflow to be triggered while using the form add lead I’ll name the workflow assign lead owner add a new action and here in the Deluge script I want when the form loads I want this workflow to be triggered now this is the workflow builder which is very similar to the form builder in that we are going to drag and drop this deluge tasks and create your work flow. These deluge tasks are blocks of code which make coding much easier so I’m going to use the if task here if I am the admin of the app and I have logged in then I should be able to check all my sales reps in the lookup but if the login user is not the admin user that means if a sales rep is logging in then I want overthrow to be triggered so for this I will type if Zoho dot login user ID is not equal Zoho dot admin user Id that means someone other than the manager is logging in then the lead owner should be populated with a login users ID for this I will use fetch records my variable would be input dot lead owner so first I will go to the form add sales representative I will check if the email matches Zoho login user ID so what this does is it goes to my sales rep form it finds out all the records whose email matches and then it would fetch your ID which is a unique identifier by creator so this ID will be populated for my lead owner so I need to disable the lead owner field for my sales reps update now in the fifth step when I share the app with my sales representatives we will go and check how the form acts because of this workflow for now we will move on to our activity forms once the manager has assigned the leads to our sales reps the lead owner now needs to set activities for their leads we will go on to create a new form for our activity I’ll name the form as add activity here I would use the lookup for my lead so I want to know which lead are we arranging this activity for so add lead lead name done next I’ll use the drop down for my activity type I’ll name it is activity type and the choices would be call, a meeting or an email after my mail activity I want to know the status of this activity let the status be pending and completed or scheduled and completed next time use the date-time field which I would later auto-populate and a multi line field for comments.

Now in my status every time that this form is submitted I want the activity to be in the scheduled status by default only when it is completed can the lead owner come and put the status as completed now I hit done we have a new section for activities here so in add activity I can choose my lead my activity type and then I’ll add the report so first I will go and create a new lead. Let’s say the lead is Lead owner is Akshay since I’m the admin I can assign Akshay as the lead owner Lead status by default is new, comments are none. Add in all dates you can see that Parveen has been added as a lead and now I will create a new activity for Parveen so add lead Parveen, in the activity type is a call and then you hit add now I will go and check in all activities a call has been scheduled for me now what I want to do is that every time I create a new activity for my lead let’s say I call a meeting or email I want that in my all leads the status of the lead change to follow up because once I have scheduled an activity it is no longer a new lead it’s a lead who is going through a follow up so for this we will go and create a new workflow it will happen while using the form add activity run when a record is created change lead status add a new action on successful form submit here I will run the deluge tasks if so if input dot activity type is not equal to null so that means any kind of activity has been scheduled for a lead then I will first assign a variable who will fetch the records from my lead form so let’s say my variable fetch lead it goes to my add lead form it finds all the IDs which are equal to add lead fields so my fetch lead variable knows which lead I am talking about because it is matching ID which is a unique creator identifier for all the records with the input that I am given for my add lead so once it knows which lead I am talking about it can go and manipulate its status so the lead status will not change to follow up hit save and let’s check if this is working I’ll reload my app and this time first we will go and check the lead status the lead status for Parveen is new so now I will add a new activity for Parveen add lead Parveen activity type is anything let’s have a meeting and add so now when I go to my all leads the status of Parveen has changed to follow up because the lead owner has lined up some activity for Parveen now you might ask what happens when a lead has been won how do I change this lead status for this is simply click on this edit and here you can change the lead status to let’s say won update so now my Parveen has been won the same we can do for the activities once an activity has been scheduled and it has been completed I can go to edit change the status to complete and update it so this is how your activity log works and now I will create a Kanban report where I can see all the activities that are there in the pipeline so go to report click on Kanban based on the form and activity group columns by activity type name by report as activity log so now I go to my app in the activity log you can check that there are scheduled activities and completed activities so for Parveen a call has been scheduled and a meeting has been completed so this is how the activity log in Kanban report looks and it’s so much useful for the admin and the sales reps to check all their activities in dashboard format so let’s move on to reminders people set schedules to send reminders to our sales reps about the activities that they have in store for their leads now in our edit module we’ll create a new workflow which will ensure that our lead owners are sent and reminder every time an activity is lined up for them so let’s say account is set up for tomorrow I want that this app send a mail to my lead owner about the call so this will be created with a new workflow which will be triggered on a scheduled date choose a date field so the start field has been set up in the form add activity and the field is the day time execute workflow on the above date you know I want it to happen before let’s say 60 minutes repeat the interval once so it would be trigger 60 minutes before the activity scheduled time I’ll name my workflow as activity reminder and a new action would be a notification I want an email to be sent from the admin user ID to the login user ID because the lead owner would be logged in the subject would be here I would take hi and you can insert field so “Hi login user ID” you have an activity coming up in an hour and here I can insert the fields that would give him an idea of the activity so I would add the lead coma what’s the activity type coma on the status and then the date-time most importantly because they need to know when they have to be ready and with a comment as well so that they have a fair idea of what they are going to deal with and then you can go so admin user ID and hit done so my activity reminder is also done and it would send a mail to my lead owners now I’ll move on to share now that the app is done we will share this app with our sales reps with the required views now that our app is ready our sales reps are there are Leads are there our activities are set up I want to share the app with my sales rep this would be done with this green button here the sharing module share app with the user add a new user I will add my friend akshay choose a permission I want to have a custom permission set for him I’ll name the permission as sales reps and what are the permissions that I want to give them now I want to give them access to the add activity and also view the activity log and all activities I want them to have access to the lead form so that they can be the lead owner and they can also check all leads they don’t have the access to add sales reps because they are sales reps themselves now save and associate and share the app what happens on Akshay’s front will be found out immediately this is Akshay’s mail and here he got an invite to access lead management 2018 which is sent by my ID go to the app so this is Akshay’s app since Akshay is a lead owner our workflow is working and it gets auto populated that actually is the lead owner so let’s say that Akshay fills up a new lead her name is Alice her Email is what job title CEO, company name is also Alice, lead status is new, comment none.

Hit add. So in our leads now you can see that Alice is a new lead that was gained by Akshay he can check all his leads right here in activity he can go select Alice, activity type is email and he can either put it completed right away and in the activity log Akshay can check out the email that was to be sent to Alice and it isn’t completed so this is how the entire app works When we share with the sales rep he cannot have access to the sales rep form but for others he has access to the leads and the activities we will have a quick recap of the app and check out the entire app in its totality let’s have a quick recap of our lead management app first up I create a new sales representative let me say that I am creating a new one from email is now I submit and Alice gets added as a sales rep now I’ll create a new lead let’s say the leads name is Mad Hatter Mad Hatter is the CEO of the company called madness now I will assign Alice as the lead owner of Mad Hatter and add now once I’ve added my sales rep I have assigned a lead owner to my leads in my own leads Mad Hatter is present in Alice is the lead owner now in activities I go and add a lead Mad Hatter and activity type is a meeting status is completed and I added in my activity log I can check that Mad Hatter had gone through a meeting and then I have my other activities now I can go and share this app with Alice, Alice at Wonderland and I want to give her the permission to the sales reps profile that I created once I share the app with her I can go and check the mailbox of Alice and here she has got an invitation to access the lead management app when she opens the app she will have access to the lead management she can add a new lead and lead owner gets Auto populated and then she can go on to create new activities she can also set reminders and check out the activity log so this is our app in a nutshell and take you to the app gallery now where we will install the lead management app that our developers have built for us we will now go to our App Gallery to this new application and here I will download the lead management apps sorry install the app the app got installed and right here I have a create dashboard where I can see new leads follow-ups under review demo and negotiation so they have created a Kanban based on the status of the follow-up activities let’s check out the activity form here I select my lead my activity type and Status so this form looks very similar to the one that I created you have accounts where you can have separate accounts for companies that are interested in your product so Zoho is interested in iPhone and the account owner is Anish I have lost leads I have contacts there are a host of other kinds of reports in admin panel we have the sales reps and the product catalog so this is very similar to the app that we built if you don’t want to build an app for yourself you can install the Lead management app and start using it right away now you can get your hands dirty with our lead management app and if you have any questions about this app or any others then feel free to comment below also don’t forget to subscribe our channel for more such app making videos till then keep making apps and be happy.

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