Kevin Hart vs Draymond Green – 3 point Shootout – 2016 All-Star Weekend

Golden State Warriors Draymond Green let's make some noise, and He's got the movie in theaters right along to comedic genius. He is a champion 8D and Four-Time MVP We have Kevin Hart. Now, Dre my footlocker three-point contest is coming your way in just a few minutes Who's going to be your pigfoot tonight's competition? I got a room my dog stuff for clean you know If that's only right gotta roll with the Fellas Ok.thank seems to be returned about something are you familiar? But what do you may be talking about? You're always talking so you never know what he talking what am I talking about though? What are you talking? What am I talking we don't know well? I tell you I'm talking but honest what you talkin I'm talkin about the challenge that was giving that she didn't accept and I feel like your chump tonight accepting I Sentence each other did you accept my challenge? You saw me a certain charm so them so weak and shit We [gotta] stage right now can we shoot why wouldn't we suit well Jay mine said you're not ready? Who's not ready? You can't shoot ok do what I'm drug those days ago.

What's going? this Vs. Celeberty introducing first from Saginaw Michigan and Michigan State To the world Champion Golden State warriors. He stands six feet seven and wings in at 232 pounds ladies and gentlemen he's an NBA All-Star forward he is dream on on tomorrow And his opponent standing five feet four Mr.. Kevin hart Here we go. That was great Four-time MVp you go first four-time MVP says draymond green you go first you go first. Let's do this Let's go ladies and gentlemen the officials are ready the shooters already, so for the thousands in attendance And the millions watching around the world Let's get ready Stand aside for Mr..

Government is no way. There's no way to betray my business unless he I hope you're right. I don't know Chuck well, we never got to that. Yeah, but ya'll guys got eliminated first round so did he This is good now. He's off now. He's walked up. He don't walked up. Yeah This is that [I] [figure] world with him and step. That's why you put all his money balls right here Absolutely is better. That's the way he gets the ball most of the time. I just said that's wrong. I'm in the high screen cheating bastard that you should go out with shoot for Kevin hart like a Gallatin Kevin won't make one in four. I'll take that bet okay You won't make the morning for sure. I'll bet you okay if you lose you gotta go ice skating So we got a bad kidding. That's it bad ok Normal our normal back. Hey that got my good friend Rick who read the excuse me, too You're welcome, sir.

All [your] wife doing. I would have done it. So no you didn't do [it] though You met him with he was with reggie earlier. I know You said you gonna introduce me to drink, but you didn't okay so reggie took advantage of the situation in trees me the truth oh my Goods What if he gets [bored] is that a push? That's the push I gotta push. Yeah, okay. We won't hit more than four zero Give your customers You should my finger traffic school likes to throw oh ok Hey, Jimmy Let's get it on Ok with the school. We got a winner Such a mouth That wasn't lets you what? Legit why was that not? Legitimize that takes a sim Rosie. Oh stop it Carrie. Yes. He is not begin people we see compete in this competition Great shooting and ladies and gentlemen make sure [no] Let's go Can we use shooting so well? Let's bring out the trophy.

Oh ok we have some for you as well. Dre my ninja trophy Here is from your ribbon Ladies and gentlemen we hope you ready I gotta put like a three-point contest he we shall preserve participe Rose women wait You're a winner. Where is [it] you're a winner Why would I get a truck you're going with I can you wait you did not win. I wouldn't spirit. You're in women real life [alright], let's try to talk me around so everybody can see it. I think you Green That is not right attach any thoughts takes Whole school he shot it. Well he shot it well He made it rain though. Yes. He did When we come back we'll see the best shooters in the world In the footlocker three-point contest on tnT.

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