I think I like her…

*giggles* i’m dead, i’m dead *intro* Oh my gosh Jake Paulers. What is going on? I’m in shock right now. *Burp* Excuse me, sorry. Too much chicken, but I am in shock right now, because we the jake paulers in the past month got 200, over 200 million views on our videos guys like this is absolutely insane And it’s all because of you guys! so I want to thank you so much for coming back every single day for Appreciating all the hard work that we put into these videos on a day to day basis, and some more good news is the Team 10 Instagram account hit 1 million followers like I just did so grateful guys! And it’s honestly like breathtaking and I can’t thank you guys enough Truly, but enough with the sissy talk.

This morning we started off in Iowa, but made our way back to Los angeles *Odd humming/scream* *dramatic slaming into door* *Not really funny screaming* It felt so good to be back home, and I wanted to like check back in with everyone. I feel like I was gone for a really long time even though it was only for a day.

Yooo Yooo!! Oh guys I’m back. I’m back. I’m back. Did you miss me yeah? Yeah, which we do he’s going to do something? What was that? Yeah. Glad to have you back see [ya] here [okay]. Bye. What was that? Ok I’m back. Haha back. I’m disgusting right now. No, you look good no Look good. If you were a dude. I am a dude Are you talk about this when you don’t like to show your face when you know how makeup I look at It looks like I got punched in the face you still look cute. Oh, thanks to ship stuff I ship, I know if you can do that, but I do then per usUal. I don’t know where things got chaotic for the shower So dangerous water no electricity just water on my camera now. We like bonding right now pretty cool time Yeah, we’re like kind of worried though your clothes off yes, so Nick, did you miss me bro? Come on? Don’t Lie? did you miss me? Yeah.

That’s all I wanted to hear ya. I mean, [I] just want to know that people mess me around here. Is that too much to ask for? Then what to ask for an agreement you came running at me with a knife. No way yeah And I woke up like Wayne like what? Like it was well It’s not even a dream anymore just a nice I Turn dreams into reality kids sign up for team ten today. No sledgehammer. I don’t know what it we’re gonna Garnish something. Oh, they chill down Bro Nick Wow. What? Why did he do that nick needs to get out some addressing help you busted. I like flowers, you done with your shower? No, no stop denoted by violence. What do you know the balls pile is no you guys own a dog pile is right? I mean yeah. You guys want to get nick next. Oh, okay? Next. Do you know the dog pile is yeah, you do. Yeah Doc loud, then wash we ruin everything I come like it snapped in half I’m not necessarily for Everybody in the fall get up up rubbers in Ohio like that.

I’ve never met him with Nikki He let me beat you yeah, dude. He bit you broke out. Hey Doesn’t it Erica broke today? Okay, you know what a dog pile is yeah, yeah Detective us a booth is in my face a squad wait this Eric and I You are dude. My rim right here before this is the [dogpile] where it might be idk y I definitely think dogpiling will become a thing like it so much fun And then I don’t know where our friend exposed the martinez to win like yo, this is bad. This is bad I got the wind ensemble here. You’re on normal No, yeah, you are you’re denying it Well, you’re um cinder. He has bumble not even open up for it.

Let me see your phone. You have it wait Till his friends. I don’t yeah, I’m your friend. I will Go for me. What right did you? Pls the Automat row. What is he doing? Why would they just meet girls a person here this what you do watch you go say hey, I’m emilio Hi hey, I Like your shoes. I like issue. We think it’s not going for just tell me you’re from, Ohio. I’m from, Ohio ah That’s good right good. I’ll between two. There’s two of the alcs oh Boy, wait, do it No You can’t say that well now you can’t say that here. I’m sorry. I’m Teaching young and take that take you back there. I’m sorry. It’s alright you please What did we do literally one like all Chaos ensues? I leave for literally 24 Hours and the Martinez turns get on bumble they start learning about all these American things come on guys when I’m gone you got his Gotta like take it.

Look through this house yeah You said you 24 to do. I nobility you said [you’re] 24 row Your [side] team daddy. Oh, we don’t even look that’s not anything in a work. You said you’re 26. Oh my thanks to that No, we haven’t done in a while. What what? And then from brayner we went to run some Sunday errands at the store Tabletop did Peaceful I caught it though Leslie, Jake Cuales row. I’m sorry good, Dad. Oh oh What I thought you were my dad no. Oh, that’s my brother. You want to say hi to jake ballers They’re blown up blown up. I was looking for waldo. I found them guys if I’m waldo oh This is tough on tough line exists Well, we’re probably kicked up the Lambo Came Sooner than expected Pick up school right. I’m sorry you got the video camera, too. I can’t do that I’m sorry, Naaku yeah park everything back all right. I’m just a kid with a dream our parking game is pretty nice Ya can’t catch us on the road Hiyaahhhhhh Why don’t you give us a whole yeah? I’ll leave that baby.

I see you baby. You’re looking at us are you jake paula? Yeah? Your mom’s car my dad is your dad hi. Hey. What’s up is it on? Let’s go. Are you crazy? Yeah, come on get in my Room yeah, come on. What is we’ll go without you, okay? No, I’m [your] new Daddy. I’m the best driver. There is okay the lambo is coming soon So what do you guys do for fun? Just nothing by on our way home to pick up some milk? Sliding it out here to the right over Five stars.

I love you. All right. Bye guys. Oh, she’s all done with the louise oh my You’re looking who acting humble you know you made [it]? You’re not the screen in the back only rich people got that honey. Thanks for being a jake Paula. I love you girl Sorry for taking your car Got a scale right dan Kenya yo I’m 200 what I’m 200 [cuz] [oh] Yes, and 210 about to break the scale broke. Oh, Johanna. You broke it I told you bro this bus is so clean take Polish. What’s next I don’t know who all right? We’re about to go find my wife and hang out with her bye guys But driver nice wow man Instagram so basically guys.

I have a crush on this girl You guys know her everyone kept it along no, sir sorry, and it’s been a long [time] thing She’s been in the vlogs before it’s his fake. I’m not her bathe. Oh, ha we’re working for John it. We’re working on it It’s a process to get girls to like you the process why might I be on tinder Amanda said I mean Menna Jake’s Bay the Stars are your keys. Nope all right then oh, I love you I got am an athlete wow you got it Athleticism I’d be impressed for you from Ohio. Yeah, so it’s just I have to get dropped it out. Yes Yeah, she said I love you to me Why probably five eight again? you Gotta go Chiller is it yeah? You should fit in with three the plant need you to be water so you couldn’t wait five seconds We’re going to amend as you [get] now. Oh my God. We’re literally here. I didn’t know Honey, I’m home. Oh my gosh, I Love your outfit.

Yeah, a word to see you. You’re doing you’re gonna Display know this we’re Gonna really hey primo oily specific body oil on do it Some moisture is another good sign But before ya, there’s a bush in the inlet like the elevat– hey had to go pee and he just like yeah Have you guys met before? I’m chance guys meet you. Yeah, are you gonna get soft hands after shaking last time? It’ll be your brother-in-law Did you related no no I know it son like she’s on the phone with that point. Oh I Know I’m sorry. I like I had the worst jet lag yesterday.

I just teddy Bear gillis Mess with my girl very Q1 you in the pool Hashtag journey ship it pity shit, ish, oh Yeah [okay], let me know if there’s any ya Know exactly the most important yeah, I agree Yeah, I Think we should day too. No no Wait until you get back, and you get back into town tomorrow, and then you’re going to catch that that home then dude You’re going to be here after eight. Yeah, I’ll be here. I’ll be right okay. Well, then little wait until you’re back, okay won’t last No for sure. I appreciate that all you keep me updated. Okay. I’ll text ya yeah, [I] know Just seeing if my camera’s focusing on my hand yeah Yeah Christine’s One okay, so I got no Since I was talking myself pistachio from Here what I gave this yeah, oh No What do we got? No more boys.

Love yeah. I’m taken ha she’s taken. Yeah. No, I don’t know yeah. No no. I’ll be Jasus So do you come here often? How’s the call good protective? Hey, I think I have to Hate eligible yeah, so what? What? Nothing. He was just he was doing some stuff out there xp or something Yeah, you know into that long think you should go with me your cisco. I’m done. Okay. Well. I was on a flight, okay Well, it’s me. So it’s like a Like a date yeah date. I’m not sad tomorrow, but we’ll do something this week. I don’t think you can keep up with Nina I can keep up with you You know make it that yeah, what are we getting twenty dollars honey, don’t leave I beat you to the top of the mountain yet. I get a kiss And then if I beat you then I get twenty dollars yeah, I’m Gonna try For this deal we got a deal.

It’s not ideal until there’s an taoiseach we shift on it They probably look like half naked cuz I ever I wasn’t looking down there was mainly looking at your eyes You didn’t [even] see my eyes from there. Yeah, yeah, what? My Camera’s about to die the paratroopers. I love you Yeah I back to you jake Jake haulers. It has been an amazing day Thank you so much for coming back today’s post certification shout-out goes to diane Diane, thank you, so much for as my toast notifications turned on guys if you want to post on occasion, shout out All you have to do is turn on my post notifications and comment when you’re done son Oh that was that doing this wrong the whole thing. Oh though and the jake Paul our family. I love you guys I’ll see you tomorrow because it’s everyday bra Brutish Jake Pollard’s. What’s up and check out this new March. Oh that marches hot boy new items of Merchandise limited time Click the link Make sure your subscribe to keep up with my life I’m a daily basis, and you want to see more content check out yesterday’s vlog because it is super lit plus I have a second channel Jake Paul to which you guys can subscribe to right now And if you want to see more content from everyone in the house our group channel is called team ten church.

See you guys tomorrow.