Hingham Man Recovers From COVID-19 After 32 Days On Life Support

Credible story of surviving coronavirus, a father of three from the South Shore on a ventilator for a month, is now beginning to recover. His wife says it has been a horrible stretch and that Jim who’s 49 never had any health issues. Now, as Christina Rex tells us he’s, headed to rehab after quite a send-off from the hospital moments like these bring tears to nurses and doctors eyes, this video of Hingham jim bellow was taken Wednesday, he’s waving to Mass General Staff after he was on a ventilator for 32 days with Kovan 19, he was in the best shape going in there. The sickness started on March 7th on a ski weekend with family before the stay at home advisory within a week. Jim was on his way to Mass General to be intubated before he went under he’s like you know. What, if I don’t make it and I was like you’re gon na – make it two weeks later, doctors weren’t so sure I asked the doctor, I said well, do you think he’s got a chance? I don’t think I was prepared to hear what she said she had to say, but she said I don’t give him a very good chance. I kept thinking, you know, there’s no way, there’s no way. He can leave me with three kids he’s like the best father best husband, Jim, doesn’t have any underlying conditions, and despite a grim prognosis as he was supported by machines, doctors started to see signs. He could recover. They saw how alive he was inside. You know 49 year old, guy you’re saying that he may not make it and he’s giving you a thumbs up and now we’re here. I would have the ICU, the Bello family raising $ 40,000 so far for meals and support for MGH staff. A thank you for saving Jim’s life. That’S how much effort and time and heart went into taking care of him, and today Jim was transferred out of Mass General he’s now recovering at Spaulding rehab in Boston, Christina Rex, WBZ news