Her er videoerne, som Kina ikke vil have ud

Businessman, Fang Bin and lawyer, Chen Qiushi, … … will document conditions in Wuhan as the spread of coronavirus is accelerating, With their cell phones. They film and others against. The board’s will overcrowded hospitals with corona patients, … … pressed doctors and nurses And how the state is trying to contain the epidemic. The outside world needs to see how things are With citizen admissions. We are looking a little closer to the truth of what happened in China before the coronas center hit Europe On December 1. The first case of an unknown viral disease is registered in the Chinese million city of Wuhan In December. More cases of infection are seen and local doctors become concerned. Doctor Li Wenliang warns former study buddies about what he thinks is SARS, a previously known coronavirus,

The virus killed 774 people in 2002 and 2003, but this turns out to be a new type of virus Authorities, forbid doctors from telling others about the situation, but Li Wenliang and fellow students are still writing together Shortly afterwards. He and seven others are arrested by police. They need to stop spreading rumors, But Fang Bin and Chen Qiushi continue to film the epidemic. Last January, Wuhan’s mayor goes on television and admits that the outbreak had been kept secret. Videos from Fang Bin and Chen Qiushi and other citizens continue to emerge. They show the violent methods of the authorities to control the outbreak Residents record videos where they tell public servants weld doors so that no one leaves their home Authorities have been watching the two men’s videos and seeking them out On February 6. Chen Qiushi will disappear without a trace. He does not take the phone and does not upload videos. Doctor Li Wenliang, who tried to warn died of coronavirus the following day. Three days later, Fang Bin also disappears. The authorities’ actions seem to have brought the epidemic more under control, but their methods are questioned.

Authorities have confirmed that Fang Bin is in their custody, Chen Qiushi’s fate is still uncertain In the next time. We will focus on coronavirus, Stay tuned here and get the latest updates on dr.dk and in our radio and news app