Fauci: ‘Nothing We Can Do’ Right Now On COVID-19 Racial Disparities | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Yeah, we have a particularly difficult problem of an exacerbation of a health disparity, we’ve known literally forever that diseases like diabetes, hypertension, obesity and asthma are disproportionately afflicting the minority populations, particularly the African Americans. Unfortunately, when you look at the predisposing conditions that lead to a bad outcome with coronavirus, the things that get people into RC use that require intubation and often lead to death, they adjust those very comorbidities that are unfortunately, disproportionately prevalent in the african-american population. So we’re very concerned about that. Its very sad, it’s nothing! We can do about it right now, except to try and give me the best possible care to avoid those complications. Thank you, hello, youtubers. If you’re watching this, it means you’ve checked out our channel. So, thank you now. Do me a favor subscribe by clicking on that button down. There click on any of the videos to watch the latest interviews and highlights from MTV daily and MSNBC. You get more beat the press content every morning and the first read newsletter. If you’re tired of content that you don’t know anything about where it came from, you don’t have to have that problem with us, NBC News, MSNBC MTP and the Meet the Press mindset right here for you on YouTube subscribe now.