Ear Acupuncture for Weight Loss

Hi there I’m Dr. Adrian Larsen today I’m gonna show you my protocol for auriculotherapy for weight control. Now, Auriculotherapy, sometimes called ear acupuncture is a great way to help people who want to lose weight when you combine it with sensible diet, maybe some exercise. We’ll be treating several points today and I’m gonna be using this Stimplus Pro which is an excellent tool for treating auriculotherapy points because in one step it will locate and treat a point and it’s super fast and easy to use. I’m also gonna be using the chart from the Auriculo 3D software which has the weight control protocol on it. So to start out, the first point in going to treat is called Shen Men and you can hear the indicator on the Stimplus pro as I locate the point — there it is, right there, and I just push the button to treat. Treat for a few seconds, and treating Shen Men helps wake up the ear and helps activate the rest of the points. Shen Men also has a calming, stress-free kind of an effect on the whole body so it helps the patient relax and be comfortable for the treatment.

Next we’re gonna go straight to the appetite control point. There it is right there. And appetite control point obviously, does exactly what you think it would do it, helps control those cravings for food. Appetite control point works best when used in conjunction with some other points so we’re going to go ahead and treat mouth point, few seconds on that, then we move over here and we’ll treat the stomach point and then we’ll move over small intestine point. And that triad; mouth, stomach, and small intestine when used in conjunction with appetite control, helps alleviate the craving to eat, the desire to have food in your stomach, and to be busy digesting it. Next because it’s not just food cravings that can cause weight gain but also there can be endocrine issues, when hormones aren’t balanced properly then you can’t process and digest your foods properly. So we’re going to treat the master endocrine point.

Now it’s located where it’s a little bit more difficult to see which is why I appreciate the Auriculo 3D software. Being able to see that in three dimensions helps you see the point is located where you can get to it, kind of right up in here, right there, so we’ll treat that for a few seconds — the endocrine master point. And then we’ll finish up with one more point because excess eating is often mood-related, we want to treat the antidepressant point. If we can help keep that mood elevated, then stress eating in mood eating will be reduced greatly.

So there’s antidepressant point right there, treat that for a few seconds, and you’ll notice I’m not using needles, nothing invasive, no pain, no blood, something that is quite easy, quite comfortable for the patient. Next, in order to help continue this, I’m going to be adding ear seeds. Ear seeds are really useful because the patient can then go home and continue treatment for several days. Now today’s patient is my friend Kimberley Thompson, she’s a licensed acupuncturist at Meridian Family Acupuncture, she uses this protocol in her practice, and uses the seeds all the time, and her patients really enjoy having the opportunity to continue that treatment.

So I’m going to start by taking one of my ear seeds, I’m going to place it right over here, on the appetite control point. And then I’m going to instruct the patient whenever there’s a craving, “I want you to just press on that seeds for a few seconds.” And that extra pressure is going to help stimulate that point and help you control those cravings. We’ll go ahead and add that, we’ll have one here for mouth, put one in for stomach, and I’m going to go ahead and add one for anti-depressant, help Kimberly keeper mood up which will decrease the desire to eat. And so, again, anytime there’s a craving, press on each one of these in turn for a few seconds, after a day or two, they will get rather tender but that’s good because it provides good stimulation.

Now the great thing about auriculotherapy, you can use it to treat just about anything. Pain in the body, internal issues, there are protocols for almost everything — and if you have the Auriculo 3D software, you can look up any protocol, you can treat it right then right there on the spot. So you can go to Auriculo3D.com if you’re looking for that auriculotherapy software. If you’re looking for the Stimplus Pro, go StimplusPro.com, you’ll find that it’s affordable, it’s a great tool, always keep one on hand.

So, until next time I’m Dr. Larsen, thanks for watching..

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