COVID-19 and Vitamin D: Important

So, let’s talk about COVID-19 and vitamin D, now just realize that what I’m gon na say is not meant to replace medical care, I’m not making any claim that vitamin D is going to cure this virus and I’m not going to sell you any vitamin D. I just want to increase your awareness on the importance of vitamin D for your immune system, so we know that the coronavirus attacks, a weak immune system and that’s its strength and that’s your weakness. So what could you do to strengthen your weakness? Vitamin D is one of the things that you can take, because if you have a pre-existing health problem – and you already have a weakened immune system, you need to do some things to strengthen your immune system and give yourself that added protection, especially protection of your lungs. Now, what’s interesting about vitamin D, is that there’s quite a few articles out there that talk about vitamin D deficiency being a pandemic in itself, with over seventy to eighty percent of the population on this planet having either a deficiency of vitamin D or an insufficiency of Vitamin D, if you’re deficient you’re at risk for having dental problems, you’re gon na have more inflammation in the body, especially if your lower back more risk for autoimmune conditions, increasing your risk for infections, cardiovascular problems, cancer, diabetes, type, 2, bone loss, neurological problems, and it’s also Interesting that a lot of infections involving viruses occur in the wintertime. I wonder why that is so. Vitamin D is critical for your immune system. It has viral killing effects. Vitamin D deficiency can increase your risk of over 300 illnesses, including the flu and respiratory infections. Like pneumonia, vitamin D deficiency increases your susceptibility to getting infections because it impairs the immune system will also increase your risk of something called ARDS which is involved in this coronavirus, acute respiratory distress syndrome. In fact, there are studies that I’m going to put down below, which talks about all the past coronaviruses being treated with vitamin D, with some pretty good success. Vitamin D decreases pro-inflammatory cytokines, and what does that mean? Well, these pro-inflammatory cytokines increase inflammation by vitamin D inhibits these cytokines and cytokines are basically hormone communications that signal the immune system to create different effects. Vitamin D also increases the antiinflammatory cytokine 2, so it helps inflammation. So you can imagine if you are sick with the coronavirus and you have inflammation in your lungs you’re, going to need some support, because vitamin D acts in a similar way to cortisol, which is an anti-inflammatory. But without the side effects. Vitamin D has antiviral properties and it lowers the risk for respiratory infections, so take a wild guess, who’s at risk for a vitamin D deficiency, the obese and guess who are at risk for the coronavirus obese? I wonder if there’s a connection also realize that certain viruses have strategies of blocking your ability to absorb vitamin D, because apparently they know that vitamin D is an immune modulator, which means them. Vitamin D helps control the immune system. Now lack of Sun is one of the big causes of a vitamin D deficiency, because it’s very difficult to get your vitamin D from foods unless you’re consuming salmon halibut Herring cod, liver oil. Things like that now. Another interesting thing to make note is that the great majority of people with lung infections have a deficiency of vitamin D. When you use sunscreens you’re at risk for having a vitamin D deficiency, the darker, the skin, the less vitamin D you can get from the Sun. If you have malabsorption issues in your gut you’re not going to be able to absorb the full amount of vitamin D. So you have to take more women that are breastfeeding are using a lot of vitamin D for their infant leaving. The mother, so women who are breastfeeding should definitely take more vitamin D. Pregnant women are usually deficient in vitamin D. Aging causes a deficiency of vitamin D, so the key is staying young right in the winter months, you’re at risk for having a vitamin D deficiency. One simple way to know that you’re deficient vitamin D is, if you have either back pain or you’re. Feeling, like you, have the blues you’re a little bit down or depressed, because vitamin D can actually bring up your mood. Big-Time statins block cholesterol. So you can’t make vitamin D anymore, so that’s a weakness cortisol if you’re taking prednisone or some type of medication with a cortisone cream that can lower your vitamin D. If you haven’t seen my other videos on vitamin D, I put them up right here: check them out.