Business Laws : How to Become a Corporate Lawyer

If you have been watching the news lately and it appears to you that being a corporate lawyer might lead to an exciting life. Hello I’m Robert Todd and I’m here to answer the question how do I become a corporate lawyer. Well the first thing you have to do is obtain an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution. The next step is to take a law school admission test, sometimes abbreviated as the LSAT and of course make a satisfactory enough grade to be admitted into the best law school that you can attend.

Once you attend law school it’s three years and while you are in law school you should try to concentrate on the corporate law courses that are offered you by the law school that you are attending. Also while you are in law school if you can, during the summers, or part time during the regular school year, see if you can get involved in a clerkship with a law firm that is engaging in the practice of corporate law. This will give you some experience that is above and beyond that which is taught you by the law school. And then upon graduation from law school you have to pass the bar exam that is administered in the state in which you tend to practice and of course pass. And in addition to passing the bar exam you have to pass a background check and then of course look for a law firm that practices in corporate law. I’m Robert Todd and thank you for watching..

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