Barn Find Hunter | Episode 11 – Wickenburg, AZ

{“en”:”- [Voicover] What year is this Dodge? – [Voicover] ’71 Charger SE. – Uhuh. And it’s for sale. I see two big block Camaros, which is kind of exciting. So interestingly we have two ’68 Camaros here, both identical cars. So, for $10,000 a piece, this is worth looking at. (rock music) – [Tom] I’m Tom Cotter. The first car I found, I was 12 years old. I’m 61 years old now, and I’m still finding cars. That’s a rare car. I don’t when’s the last time I saw one of these. And in this series, you’ll see that there are still plenty of cars left.

(rock music) Well, we’re riding down Highway 68, I guess this is 68 right here, – Yeah. – And just happened to glance over the right side, motorcycle shop, oh that’s cool. Oh, there’s old cars, that’s cool, too. So what do you have back here? What year is this Dodge? – [Voicover] ’71 Charger SE. – [Tom] Uhuh. And it’s for sale. – [Voicover] Yes, sir. – [Tom] What motor’s in here? – [Voicover] 383 Magnum. – [Tom] Can you open the hood? – [Voicover] Yeah. – [Tom] So you went through that motor. Oh, look at that. So you got a new air conditioning compressor. – Right. 134. – 383. – The air conditioning system’s new. Y’know.

– Uhuh. – Yeah it’s a 383 Magnum. That’s a matching number car. – And it’s an automatic. – [Voicover] I did suspension, undercarriage, all new brakes. – [Tom] Front disk? – Yeah. Well, the only thing I didn’t replace on the brake system was the hardline that goes to the back. Otherwise, new drums and the brakes are done. – And this at one time had a vinyl roof from here to here, I guess. – Yup, and the trim for right here is laying right there. – Oh there it is right there, okay. So what are you asking for this car? I see $15k right there, is that what you’re asking? – Yeah, it’s, y’know, I’ve got $12,500 in it, so a reasonable offer over $12,500. – Really? – That’s what I’ll take, yeah. – This is a 1971 Dodge Charger SE. Hagerty says that you can buy one in good condition for about $19,000. I’d say this is better than fair, so I’d say this one’s in good condition for a 1971 car it’s pretty darn solid. It’s got a rebuilt motor, rebuilt air conditioning system, rebuilt brakes, rebuilt front end, so it’s at least in good condition.

Remember, if offer’s over $12,500, he’ll accept on this car. If it were in concourse condition, it’d be $36,000. So, y’know, this car you could reasonably get to a really nice condition for probably not much more than that. Y’know, There’s not much chrome on the car. The body’s really solid, so a good paint job, a re-interior job, and a detail on the suspension and the chassis, some new wheels and tires, and this car could be concourse car for right around what it’s valued at, which is rare these days. These days, you usually have to spend four times as much as a car is worth to get it in concourse condition. Okay, so you got a DeSoto back here.

– [Voiceover] Yeah. – [Tom] ’56, four door. – [Voiceover] Yeah, it’s, it’d be a good parts car if a guy is building a two-door or something, ‘cuz the front end clip is worth something. – [Tom] Voila, a Hemi. – [Voicover] Yeah. – That’s a 331 Hemi with the bolt-off bellhousing. That engine is like a 750 pound motor. – Yeah, the air cleaner, the original wheels and hubcaps and everything are in the trunk. – [Tom] So right now you’ve got after-market wheels on here. – [Voiceover] Yeah, it’s just rollers. – So you got a title for this car? – Yes. – Now, it’s a four-door, but you know that doesn’t matter much anymore. People are building four doors… – The only bad glass is right here, this flat glass. – Yeah. – It’s pretty damn good. – Boy, that’s a solid car. – Yeah. – [Tom] You’ve had this running? – [Voiceover] No. – [Tom] Never had it running. – [Voicover] Nope. So what are you asking for this? – I’ve got $2,500 in it, so any reasonable offer over $2,500, that’s assuming that they’re gonna use this car, – [Tom] Yeah, not to break it up.

– Other than just rob the drivetrain. – Yeah. Did you pull the dash apart? – No, a kid did that. He was gonna rewire it. – [Tom] Oh boy. (laughs). – [Voiceover] But it’s all here. – [Tom] Well, 2,500 bucks, I mean, y’know, Hemis go for that much money. – [Voiceover] Yeah, oh yeah, that’s what I thought, I thought the drivetrain was well worth it. – Yeah. Well maybe somebody watching this video will wanna buy this car. This is pretty cool. This is a ’56 DeSoto Firedome.

The Hagerty price guide has it in fair condition valued at $5,000. Now remember this one is any offer over $2,500, so this is probably fair condition, so probably full retail value of this car would be five thousand. Fully restored in concourse condition, a four-door has a value of about $18,000. You could not restore this car for anywhere near $18,000, but, y’know, we know the trend is to drive cars that look like this. Put new seats in it, make sure the drivetrain is sound, rebuild the brakes, the hydraulics, and just drive it as is. You don’t have to worry about parking it at a shopping center and getting door dings or anything. So this would be a pretty decent car to pick up and just enjoy and have fun with real cheap. (rock music) (heavy rock music) – Hi, Cliff, this is Tom Cotter. I’m looking at your cars here. Alright, well, I’m walking in your second room and I see two big block Camaros, which is kind of exciting. This black one, is that a factory big block? – [Cliff] Both of those are factory big blocks.

I bought the one furthest back in that room brand new in ’68 from a friend of mine in Needles, California and I’ve owned it… I sold it to my brother and then he sold it to a guy, and I tracked it down and bought it back again, so… They’re both 396, factory air, 400 hydro, rally sport, super sport cars. – [Tom] So this one, the blue one you bought new? That’s amazing. – [Cliff] Yeah, I bought it new.

– [Tom] Man, so 396 factory… And I guess the black one is an RS/SS? – [Cliff] It’s an RS/SS, and it was hit in the back, but the new quarter’s there to fix it in the trunk lid, and that was also… I think that was red and black new. The other one was kinda that gunmetal blue-grey when I bought it, and still is I guess. – [Tom] Yeah, yeah, yeah, wow. Are these cars for sale? – [Cliff] Yeah. – What would you ask for, say, this black one here with the new quarter panel included? – [Cliff] Yeah, with the new panel and the deck lid and everything, probably somewhere around 10 grand. – [Tom] 10 grand. And you have a clean title for that? – [Cliff] Yes, yes. – Okay. So 10 grand for the blue one as well, and the blue one, you have an engine for it? – [Cliff] I think I have the short block somewhere, but the heads got lost by a body shop, but yeah, I have a couple of, when you get to the other shop, I’ve got 427s, 396s, (Tom laughing) 454s…

I’m a very sick man. (Tom laughing) – I guess in more ways than one today. Wow. – [Cliff] Yeah. – Gee, so, you’d get rid of the car that you bought new, no kidding, really good. Now, the ’57 four-door that’s next to the black car… And I guess Nancy told us that you have several ’57s that were purchased in one lot. – [Cliff] Yeah, I have four of them. – Mhm. You wanna sell all four in one lot? – [Cliff] I bought ’em all four in one lot, so, yeah. I possibly would. – [Tom] Oh, that’s cool. Now there’s one Mopar in here, the 340 duster? – [Cliff] That has a 360 in it.

I have the four-speed, I have the automatic, and I took a Doug Nash 6-speed out of that car. – Jeez. Well it seems like a very solid car, even though it’s a Mopar. (laughing) Alright, listen, we’ll give you a call in a little while, alright? – [Cliff] Anytime. – Thank you, buh-bye. – [Cliff] Buh-bye. – So we have two rare Camaros here. Interestingly, they’re just about the same car, they’re both 1968 Camaros, they’re both 396 big blocks, they’re both factory air conditioning, they’re both SS package and RS package. So, probably the rarest and most desirable combination, so what’s the value of one is the value of the other. Now, if we remember, when we talked to Cliff on the phone, he wants $10,000 a piece for them. I think that’s probably a pretty good deal, because in fair condition it’s worth about $34,500, in excellent condition, about $60,000, and in concourse condition, almost $82,000.

So… this car is the original owner car, he bought it new. This car seems solid as-is, the floors, the rocker panels, it’s an Arizona car. This car, the black car, has got a crunched-in quarter panel, apparently it was wrecked a long time ago, but it includes a brand new quarter panel in the box, so this one needs more fabrication, but two rare cars here, very, if you’re a Camaro guy, you’re gonna take a good, hard look at these two cars.

This is a rare one. An Impala convertible with a big block. It’s a 454, air-conditioned, fully-loaded car, that has never been modified. I mean, to find a car that’s a big block, it’s never had headers put on it, never had high-rise intake manifold, or big carburetors, this car is original down to the factory air cleaner, the decals on the far wall, on the air conditioning compressor. This car, even though it is an Arizona, is not a rust-free car. The look of the dealer tag in the back, it was from Illinois, which explains the rust. There’s rust in the quarter panel, maybe under the floor. This car, in fair condition, which I would say probably this is fair condition, is valued by the Hagerty price guide at $19,000. In concourse condition, it’s roughly twice that.

Hagerty estimates the value of this car in concourse condition, with the big block, with the air conditioning, at $40,000. So I’m not sure what Cliff’s asking for this, but if the price were reasonable, this wouldn’t be a bad car to consider buying and restoring. (rock music) Cars that are sitting outside are probably not worth pursuing anymore, because if they’ve been outside for a long time they’re rusty and picked over and everybody else has seen them, too. But by going to a small town and meeting the locals, having dinner in that small town, having breakfast in that small town, talking to people who live there, you can find cars that are not visible from the street, you can go inside buildings and find rare cars that are just sitting there with a roof over them in much better condition. This morning we woke up, didn’t know what we were gonna find.

After breakfast, we just took a little search around town. Within an hour, we found two big block ’68 Camaro factory air-conditioned cars, sitting in a building, both available. If we could find that in an hour, so can you. Happy hunting. (rock music) Wow. How do I pick that… Okay. Okay, Doc. (Tom and Doc laughing) – [Off-Screen] Surgery – These are jumping chollas, and they’re terrible. – Man, that’s stuck right in my skin. – Yes. – [Off-Screen] Wow. – Well, that’s part of it. – I do this all for you, by the way. (laughter) I can’t even see it. Are they like porcupines? What a way to say hello. (Tom laughing). “}