Monster Mode 700K Review, Essential Bonuses, [Monster Mode 700K Review]

Hey, it’s Will Weatherly here and welcome to my monster mode 700k review So what I’d like to do in this review is to have a quick look at my written review here head over to the sales page Go into the members area to have a look around there and then return here to my blog Look at the upgrades as well as the bonuses that I’ve put together for those of you who pick up Monster mode 700k through my link now.

What is Monster mode 700k? Well, this is a new solo launch being brought to market by Bryan winters It goes live on May 23rd at 9 a.m EST and so what this is essentially is a viral traffic system with five products in one so you’re going to get Essentially five tiers and these tiers are made up of high converting product funnels and you’re going to get 100% Commission’s across these five tiers, and I’m going to explain to you how this works The key thing to keep in mind is you don’t have to keep track of anything. It’s incredibly simple all you’re going to do is get an affiliate link that you’re going to share online and your job is to get High quality traffic to this now It is a bit convoluted in terms of how are you going to get? Compensated vert on the various levels and so on So what I’ve done is I’ve broken it down in a visual way to make it very simple for you so the key thing to understand here, is that as a monster mode Pro member you are going to get automatic access to these five tiers So you’re going to get a hundred percent Commission’s on all of these funnels here Now what you’re going to be doing is you’re going to be bringing people in to the system And so let’s say your name is Edie and your monster mode Pro member Then what you’re going to do is you’re going to get someone let’s call him Tom and he is going to buy through you and then he is going to have Commission’s For this tier one because he bought through your and now so he can go out and promote This tier one offer and get a hundred percent, Commission’s Now let’s say tom refers.

John who buys tier two who is going to get the Commission? Well that’s going to go back to you because tom has only signed up for tier one and doesn’t get access to tier 2 so that commit those Commission’s would go back to you and That would be the case all the way through now. Let’s say tom has his funnel funnel now. He’s qualified for the tier one offer John buys the Tier one offer and so Tom gets the Commission but then on tier two John makes a sale on tiers Two your to offer and then Edie again gets Commission. Unless Tom upgrades his affiliate status ok, so you’re going to get these tier commissions for those who don’t upgrade and so that’s the powerful thing because they’re going to be looking to make Commission’s on the tiers that they have signed up for but remember that this is a fully Functional tiered system here where your people are going to be presented with offers that the people who haven’t signed up for it are not going to get Commission’s and all of that will go to you as a monster mode pro member Ok, so I hope this makes sense.

The key takeaway here is that you’re going to be getting Commission’s where the people you refer? Most of whom probably will not be getting the Commission’s unless they buy all of these separately So they’re going to be forced if they want to get 100% Commission’s to buy each of these Individually, whereas a monster mode pro member you’re going to have access to all five ok, so that is the kind of the system in action so to speak and so What this is – it’s a viral system So what level of marketer you are is pretty irrelevant so if you have a lot of experience in All kinds of marketing or you have no experience in all the kinds of marketing It doesn’t really matter because what you’re going to be doing is simply to drive traffic to this tiered system and The emphasis that I put on and my bonus, is that exactly which is how are you going to drive traffic? So I’ve got a mix here of three traffic strategies as well as paying traffic strategies that we’re going to look at in a bit.

What I’d like to do now is head over to the sales page as You can see here The title is Unleashed viral whizzes one-click app stuffs his inbox with 500 plus a day on autopilot And now it’s your turn to click copy and collect. Okay. So this is the sales page. There is some income proof It’s you know Showing you the steps that are involved and then you get an idea about the five products that are here. You’re going to get Cash plug-in one that is CB money vine cash plug-in to five figured a full-throttle Cash plug in three siphons reloaded cash plugin for IG money tree and then cash plug in 5, which is shop monopoly, okay, so This is the power that you’ve got right here that are these cash plugins that you’re going to get a hundred percent Commission’s on as a monster mode Pro member, okay. So let’s go ahead and have a look inside the members area Okay, so this is the back-office The first thing that you’re going to want to do is go ahead and watch this video as you can see here The notice says as a monster mode Pro member you are already active for all five offers Congratulations.

Okay, so then you’re going to get these cash plugins that I just went over of Bryan winters previous products and then what you’re going to want to do is activate your account So you’re going to link your account and you’re going to activate that and that is a very simple process. It’s simply getting you’re getting your affiliate link approved through warrior plus and that will happen quickly and then you’ve got some bonuses here as well now there is some information here on how to get traffic You’ve got traffic tools here.

You’ve got email ads You’ve gotta invite Facebook friends and by Twitter followers banner ads Facebook Ads invite YouTube subscribers And then you’ve got this MMS Secret traffic method and so this will get you started However, I’ve got a lot more for you regarding traffic so This is a good start. But I think you’re going to need more just my opinion. And so I’ve got you covered there Okay. So this is the system just go ahead and watch this video. It’s going to lay everything out for you What you need to do? And then this is where you’re going to get your link Okay, and they’re just going to copy that and then this is the page That you’re going to be sharing. This is the essentially the login page of the free Login that people will get once you share this link they’re going to open this and then they’re going to be explained everything in this video here and Then they’re going to continue and then sign up through your link now there is something that I want to talk about which is something we’re going to look at in the upgrade and that is Collecting emails.

Okay. So this is not a lead generation system in terms of in terms of emails Because you are actually going to enable people to just go ahead and log in they’re not going to have to put in their email Address, they’re going to have an account here. That’s set up So I want to look at that in the upgrades as well as some of the bonuses that I have That will help you with your own lead generation Ok, so let’s go ahead and have it look at the upgrades. OTO number one is called master modes autopilot traffic pool Ok and so this is an upgrade that will unlock your autopilot traffic and This system sends every fifth visitor into a traffic pool and then a back-end system Automatically rotates this user generated traffic evenly sending visitors to every monster mode motor in the traffic pool OTO number two is a push button lead system now this is the important one to consider because This upgrade will unlock your MA remove funnels or leads on top of Commission’s okay, so that is really important because You are going to want to collect leads in addition to just getting commissions Of course, that’s great.

But you’re going to want to build your list so you can promote other products and so on so this is a powerful upgrade and something that I would really Strongly encourage you to go ahead and pick up OTO number three one Click monthly Commission’s and with this OTO. You can unlock Commission’s on a secret upgrade page built into your must remote funnels OTO number four a back-end commission stuffer and with this upgrade you can unlock back end commission payouts of three to four hundred dollars a pop on a built-in Auto webinar integrated into the monster moat system and then OTO number five are five-time Commission’s booster and this Instant upgrade unlocks 100% Commission’s and all five products for all direct referrals into a user’s own funnel Now the thing to note here is that you are looking at down sells. So go ahead and pick up the down sell don’t pay in full for these if you buy through my link Ojo number one is ninety-seven with a down cell 267 OTO 267 with the down 737 OTO 397 with the down cell 67 OTO 497 to sixty-seven and then OTO 5 1 97 to 97 so go ahead and take advantage of that okay now as for my custom bonuses I have a very special launch only bonus which is going to help you enormous Lee with free traffic I know this is going to help a lot of people with monster moans 700k and this is a no link method to free traffic on autopilot and this is only available during launch it expires at 11:59 on May 31st.

So if you are here checking out my blog or if on your on my youtube channel, or if you’re in my email list, make sure to take advantage of this particular before May 31st ends because this is a special bonus bonus number one Which is how and where to build a high converting squeeze page now as I mentioned in OT o number two They’re doing this they’re going to be offering that and I think that is a really good upgrade However, what you can do is you can collect leads before people enter the funnel Okay, so you can set up your own squeeze page at the very outset of your funnel So before people go to this page right here you can set up a funnel and start or you can set up an opt-in page of your own and Then go ahead and collect leads yourself now That means you don’t need to get the upgrade and i’m going to show you how and where to build a high converting squeeze page and this is going to be a tutorial and then Show you how you can get a page builder for seven dollars okay, so Here you’re going to get Bonus number two, which is online Free ads secret which is a tutorial and training on how to get traffic by placing free ads this has been updated and very powerful because This will enable you to get a lot of eyeballs on your monster mode 700k sales page bonus 3 is my mega bonus, which is a a course or a mega bonus on five different traffic sources instagram influencer marketing Google, display ads Bing ads solo ads and YouTube ads bonus number four is Explosivo, which is my full course i’m getting fast instagram traffic to your offers bonus 5 the ultimate vault of high converting swipes and here you’re going to get split tested emails for your campaigns bonus number 6 my facebook laser target, ur So for those of you who are doing facebook Marketing you can take advantage of the same algorithm used by facebook ads and this is a very underground tool to identify prospects for your offers bonus 7 my twitter method for free traffic bonus 8 effortless base of profits bonus 9 free traffic frenzy Which is the full course on how to get traffic from reddit? Bonus 10 avalanche list building bonus 11 the 9-profit pillars bonus 12 list profits exposed and then bonus 13 17 email cache packs, so if you aren’t on my blog What you can do is go ahead and click this button here where it says click here to get monster mode 700k plus all relevant bonuses that’s going to take you to the sales page and then when you check out all of My bonuses will be waiting for you now If you’re on YouTube, you can go ahead and click the link in the description And then once again, all of these bonuses here will be waiting for you inside the warrior Plus checkout area So this concludes my monster mode 700k review I want to thank you for watching and see you in the next review